Vinyl Tiles - Amtico

Amtico is a dynamic, design-led flooring brand, who serve as one of the leading manufacturers of top-quality vinyl tiles. We are proud to offer a huge selection of their luxury vinyl flooring, which style ranges from distinctively modern to lavishly classic, catering to each customer’s preference and desired decor.

Their brand is greatly renowned and industry accredited, promising luxurious and top-quality vinyl flooring that is built to last. We are proud to say we are an approved supplier of Amtico flooring and that each design comes with a 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee. All Amtico flooring is produced from a resin material, consisting of top-quality stabilisers and plasticisers, that have been compounded using high temperatures and pressure. The flooring is then coated with urethane, which acts as a durable protectant over the printed design, preventing it from scratching or wearing away over time. This ensures a product that is exceptionally resilient and incomparably strong. The urethane coating also gives the floor a beautifully gleaming finish, that only requires minimal cleaning in order to give it that brand new looking shine.

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