Hand Scraped Solid Wood Flooring

If your home is crying out for something a little different, look no further than our handscraped solid wood flooring. Professionally distressed, the handscraped effect yields a charming, old aesthetic.

Handscraping is an aging technique that adds texture and unique markings to the wood.

Adding more character to a room, it's a popular alternative to regular distressed flooring and the style is perfect for period homes and contemporary rooms aiming to channel a rustic feel.

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6 Item(s)

What is handscraped solid wood flooring?

Deliberately manipulated to produce a desirable aged appearance, handscraped solid wood flooring combines style with durability. Known for its hard-wearing properties, solid wood flooring can last for generations.

Handscraped solid wood flooring is produced using a singular piece of wood that is machine-cut to size. The finish then adds texture and definition, and this style of flooring is available in a range of materials, from oak and ash to walnut and mahogany. 

Why would I choose handscraped solid wood flooring?

Alongside its attractive appearance, handscraped solid wood flooring offers many additional benefits.

The authenticity of hard-wearing solid wood is highly appealing to many. Not only timeless, it is also available in a wide range of materials to suit any interior style. The advantage of the distressed finish means it only improves with age.

For the environmentally conscious, you'll be delighted to know that solid wood flooring is also one of the most eco-friendly forms of flooring on the market.

Due to the nature of solid wood, underfloor heating cannot be installed beneath it. If you do wish to add underfloor heating to a room, take a look at our handscraped engineered flooring instead. 

Where could I use handscraped solid wood flooring?

Our selection of handscraped solid wood flooring can be installed just about anywhere in the home. There are only a few exceptions, and all of our solid wood flooring, no matter what the finish, follows the same rules. 

We do not recommend installing handscraped solid wood flooring in particularly damp areas or in spaces where the temperature often fluctuates dramatically. For example, bathrooms and shower rooms are better suited to engineered wood or vinyl flooring, as the rigid nature of solid wood makes it susceptible to warping if exposed to humid conditions over a prolonged period of time.

Apart from wetter areas, handscraped flooring can be placed anywhere in the home. If the room is climactically consistent, you can go ahead and install handscraped solid wood flooring. Bedrooms, living rooms and hallways showcase the finish particularly well. 

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