Grey Solid Wood Flooring

Hardwood planks that are finished in a variety of grey shades, grey solid wood flooring looks great in monochromatic offices, dining areas and modern living environments. Perfectly complementing darker furniture and fittings, it is incredibly durable and won't warp thanks to being air dried. Each plank is fitted with a tongue and groove system too, so you can lay it easily and see your new floor come to life quicker than you imagined.

Designed to be used in rooms above ground, since solid wood isn’t humidity or moisture resistant, it can install greater life in rooms with warm wall colours and those receiving plenty of light. Whether you choose grey solid wood flooring with a brushed and oiled finish or brushed and lacquered finish, the grained details will add character to a room. Grey solid wood flooring is also popular due to the hue being well suited to commercial as well as domestic environments.

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  •   Richmond Solid Oak 150mm x 20mm Grey Smoked Brushed & White Oiled Wood Flooring

    £50.42 m² ex vat From £60.50 m² inc vat
    Brushed & Oiled
    150mm x 20mm
    Random 500-2000mm
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  •   Trade Choice Fingerjoint Solid 18mm x 125mm Oak Grey Wood Flooring

    £27.92 m² ex vat From £33.50 m² inc vat
    Brushed and Lacquered
    18mm x 125mm

2 Item(s)

Why choose Grey wood flooring?  

Dark flooring does not necessarily blend with dark wood furniture whereas grey solid wood flooring allows for a subtle and blended feel to the ambiance of a room. Offices designed on monochromatic schemes look more alive with it. Hand-scraped wood is one of the most on-trend and fashionable styles this year. French grey wood rightly compliments pre-finished surfaces and provides a natural ambiance to room’s environment. A transitional living room or an exotic dining area, are most suitable for French grey wood with a UV oil coating. Grey wood flooring can add life to the rooms with warm wall colours, textured wall or a room with high intensity of light. Mid to dark grey wood colours are appropriate for contemporary modern interiors.

How long does Grey solid wood flooring lasts?

The life of Grey solid wood flooring is dependent on the usage and maintenance; frequent usage calls for higher maintenance. With constant repairs and maintenance, it can last for up to 5 years. For increasing the life of flooring, it is recommended to follow a regular sweeping or mopping routine to remove any dirt or impurities. Wood floor cleaners also work great with grey floors.

Pros of Grey Wood flooring

  • Adds a monochromatic feel to the room that goes perfectly with dark coloured furniture and fittings.
  • Available in a wide range of shades, sizes and finishes
  • Can be used for domestic and commercial purposes.
  • Grained details and unfinished surfaces result in natural flooring.

Cons of Grey Wood flooring

  • Cannot be installed in humidity-prone areas, as they are more likely to shrink.
  • Needs regular maintenance
  • Lower life than other solid wood flooring