White Solid Wood Flooring

White solid wood flooring is a popular addition to any home environment, thanks to the colour complementing almost all designs and styles. With each plank formed of a single piece of timber, it is sourced naturally and air dried to prevent warping when laid. Very durable, it suits both vintage and ultra-modern interiors and also helps create an impression of space - great in smaller environments.

Comprised of oak, it is available in different thicknesses, cuts and shades, and can last for ten years or more with the correct cleaning and maintenance. Due to its light colour, choosing white solid wood flooring means that dust is more visible but vinegar, Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner and Pine-Sol are great ways to preserve the surface. White solid wood flooring is perfect for rooms you want to keep bright and airy, like bedrooms and kitchens.

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  •   Kingsford Solid Oak FJ 203mm x 18mm Smoked Brushed White Oiled Wood Flooring

    £30.00 m² ex vat From £36.00 m² inc vat
    Brushed & Oiled
    203mm x 18mm
    Fixed 1860mm
  •   Trade Choice Solid 18mm x 116mm Oak White Wood Flooring

    £33.75 m² ex vat From £40.50 m² inc vat
    Brushed and Lacquered
    18mm x 116mm
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2 Item(s)

Why choose white wood flooring?

White wood flooring has become a popular option for people; specifically, because the colour goes with everything and anything. Its bright colour helps in creating an illusion of space, particularly in small rooms. Another major factor which makes white wood flooring a preferred option for people is the fact that it goes with all types of interior. Vintage, or ultra-modern; white wood flooring gives your room an exciting twist.


White wooden flooring for bedrooms

White wood flooring can enhance the overall look, and beauty of your master bedroom. Furthermore, it creates an illusion due to which the rooms look bigger with an airy and light ambiance.

White wooden flooring for kitchen

White wooden flooring is an ultimate choice for your kitchen floor, it gives your kitchen a classic look, and adds warmth and beauty quotient to your kitchen. It also brings out some highly luxurious details of various components of your kitchen by contrasting with them.

How long does white wood flooring last?

It is dependent on the lifestyle of the home, or the amount of movement in the area where white wood flooring is installed. With regular maintenance, and cleaning a white wood floor can last for around 7 to 10 years.

It is essential to clean the white wood floor once a week due to its sheer white colourand because dust sticks to the floor. Some materials which could be used for cleaning white wooden floors include:

  1. Vinegar
  2. Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner
  3. Pine-Sol


Pros of white wood flooring

  • White wood flooring is a simple, yet cost-effective option as compared to other flooring options
  • White wood flooring gives a light and airy feeling to the room
  • It provides the floor with a high level of durability

Cons of white wood flooring

  • Requires regular maintenance to protect against pest attack
  • White wood flooring is easily damaged in case of water seepage
  • It is more susceptible to scratching