Solid Bamboo Flooring

Solid bamboo flooring is becoming increasingly popular as a modern take on wood flooring. Although bamboo is technically a type of grass, it still makes a great, light-coloured floor.

One of the main attractions when it comes to bamboo as a solid wood flooring option is that not only is it environmentally-friendly, coming from sustainable sources, it's also incredibly good value for money. 

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Buying for the trade? View our ex VAT price here

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Buying for the trade? View our ex VAT price here

1 Item(s)

Why choose bamboo flooring?

Bamboo provides a room with a contemporary style, while remaining warm and welcoming.

One of the main reasons solid bamboo flooring is popular is because of its low-cost in comparison to other solid wood products. Essentially, bamboo is cheaper for us to source, and as a result, cheaper for you to buy!

Bamboo is also really easy to care for and maintain! Like with other variants of solid wood, as long as you sweep and vacuum often, you’ll have no problems.  However, leave dirt and dust on your bamboo surface and you may find scratches appear.  One thing to keep in mind with bamboo flooring is that it can be prone to discolouration, especially over time, however it’s one of the easiest types of solid wood floors to re-sand and finish.

What are the alternatives?

The main option when it comes to an alternative, but you’re set on bamboo as a material, is to consider an engineered board.

Engineered bamboo will hold up better to heavy footfall, and is less prone to scuffs and scratches, meaning it won’t need resanding as often as a solid floor would do.

If you’re looking for a similar colour, but don’t want to change up to an engineered product, then you may want to consider a light coloured solid oak flooring, which retains the charm and the light tone, but is also a more durable wood.