Solid Wood Acacia Flooring

A beautifully grained dark wood, acacia is one of the most exotic natural materials we offer.

An extremely hardwearing wood, our sustainably sourced acacia solid wood flooring is ideal for areas in the home that frequently endure heavy footfall.

With a 25-year manufacturer's guarantee covering a wide range of our products, you can be confident in your new investment. Only the highest-quality wood is used at Posh Flooring.

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What is acacia solid wood flooring?

Acacia is one of the darkest woods on the market, available in rich brown and black hues. Often lightly grained, it elegantly adds texture and dimension to a room. Known for its durability, acacia is also one of the most resilient forms of wood - ideal for spaces that receive higher than average traffic, such as hallways. 

Our entire solid wood flooring range is built to last. Crafted from solid pieces of wood, no other materials are used. Machine-cut to size, you can choose from three different cut styles: flat-sawn, quarter-sawn and rift-sawn. Completely authentic, solid wood flooring is a classic style that will never lose its appeal.

It's also possible to install your own acacia hardwood flooring. Take a look at our guide on fitting solid wood flooring to find out how.

Why would I choose acacia solid wood flooring?

There are many benefits to installing acacia solid wood flooring. Oozing sophistication, it's a stylish and timeless choice for both traditional and modern homes.

Naturally resistant to marks, scratches and dents, the durability of acacia is fantastic. Adding a sleek, glossy lacquer on top of our solid wood flooring only increases its already impressive longevity. It's easy to keep in tip-top shape too, simply maintain the wood by sweeping and washing once a week.

Sustainable-sourced, this eco-friendly wood is guaranteed to last. It can also be resurfaced if you require an interior makeover in the future. However, it is important to note that underfloor heating is not compatible with any solid wood flooring. If you love the effect of acacia, opt for our engineered acacia wood flooring instead. 

Where could I use acacia solid wood flooring?

A versatile design, acacia solid wood flooring can be installed in almost any room of the home. With a range of high-quality acacia furniture available, acacia flooring makes it easy to bring an overall design scheme together. Of course, mixing wooden styles can also have a beautiful effect.

One room to avoid is the bathroom. Solid wood flooring should not be exposed to water or humid conditions for a prolonged period of time. If you have similar rooms that experience extreme fluctuations in temperature, such as a shower rooms or even a damper space like a cellar, the rigid nature of solid would can cause floorboards to warp. Instead, we suggest using vinyl tiled flooring, which is available in many realistic, wooden designs. 

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