Solid Acacia Flooring

Solid acacia is a durable, versatile, and attractive choice when it comes to flooring.  Acacia, which also benefits from natural antibacterial properties, can last for years, even in the most traffic-heavy environments. If you want to make a statement, yet remain practical, then acacia could be the perfect choice.

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Why choose acacia?

As mentioned above, acacia is extremely durable and is more resistant than other species to the usual wear and tear such as scratches, dents and marks. Combine this with our lacquered finish, and you’ll have no problem in keeping it healthy and seeing decades of use.

Similarly to walnut, having a solid acacia floor in your home has been known to add value to your property, simply because of how good it looks!


What are the alternatives?

The main alternatives to a solid acacia floor are of course an engineered variant, or if you’d prefer, and have the budget to stretch, you could always look at a solid walnut or a dark oak product instead.