14-15mm Solid Wood Flooring

Made from single planks of natural oak or bamboo, which are machine-cut to thicknesses of 14mm to 15mm, this type of flooring will look great in your home. Much thinner by nature, 14-15mm solid wood flooring is super quick to install, easy to maintain and capable of slotting beneath cupboards and other protrusions.

Much more affordable than alternative types of floor, 14-15mm solid wood flooring is prone to scratches but can last from three to five years with the correct maintenance. If you're under a tight deadline and need to lay flooring quickly, it is a suitable option with Click Loc or tongue and groove systems making installation a doddle. This floor is best laid in rooms above ground that don't suffer large moisture and humidity fluctuations.

4 Item(s)

4 Item(s)

Why choose 14-15mm wood flooring?

Finishes vary to meet required ambiance whether it is a modern office interior or a retro-chic room. 14-55 mm wood flooring also allows easy installation on surfaces like stairs, kitchen floors and under cupboards. It does not require extensive methods of cleaning. It can be used for various flooring needs and can retain its quality and value under different weather conditions.

How long does 14-15mm wood flooring last?

Since it is prone to damage and scratches in high traffic areas, the flooring might not have a very long life cycle. It can last from 3-5 years but frequent termite and insect proofing, cleaning and water proofing can increase its life cycle to 8 years.

Pros of 14-15mm wood flooring                                  

  • Allows easy and quick installation
  • Affordable and durable
  • Variety of finishes and species are available with a wide range of color palettes.

Cons of 14-15mm wood flooring

  • Consistent maintenance of the wood is required
  • Can be easily damaged by water seepage
  • It is susceptible to damages like scratches when moving heavy loads