Gerflor Tarasafe Geo Safety Flooring

Resilient and tough, Gerflor Tarasafe Geo safety flooring is an ideal option for commercial and industrial properties
where safety is crucial. This durable flooring is suitable for heavy traffic areas, including reception areas, corridors,
canteens and other spaces.
Available in a variety of colours, the quality flooring features coloured quartz aluminium oxide and silicon carbide
particles that provide enhance slip resistance and safety. The design and material helps reduce injuries from falls and
slips. Easy to install and maintain, the safety flooring is also reinforced with a glass fibre grid.
In addition to being treated with Sanosol antibacterial and fungicidal additives, Tarasafe Geo safety flooring also
features a SparClean surface treatment. The product is also backed by a 12-year warranty from Gerflor.

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