Living Room Flooring

The perfect living room should be warm and welcoming, with a hint of sophistication and style. Any living area should be able to cater for a cosy night in, as well as being versatile enough to host dinner parties and entertainment. To achieve this versatility, new wooden flooring can help to create a rustic charm with a traditional homely feel.

Most importantly, solid and engineered flooring can handle heavy footfall and is incredibly easy to maintain.

New wooden flooring is a great feature for a living room to have. Whether dark or light, solid or engineered, the appeal of wood flooring rests in its natural materials and timeless appearance. Alternatively, vinyl flooring offers a budget friendly alternative that can convincingly mimic a huge range of materials, from wood to stone.

We have a wide range to choose from for your living room floor. Give our team a call on 0333 002 1062 any they will be happy to answer any questions you have.

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Buying for the trade? View our ex VAT price here

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Buying for the trade? View our ex VAT price here

4 Item(s)

Which living room flooring should I choose?

This depends on the effect you are looking to achieve. Light woods, such as ash and oak, can help create a welcoming, homely feel and a rustic charm. Alternatively, darker woods like walnut offer a more striking appearance that's ideal for a more contemporary design scheme.

Darker shades of wood can be matched up with lighter colours to give the appearance of space and depth, perfect for making the most of smaller living rooms. Wood is generally a great option for a living room because it's hardwearing and easy to maintain.

As another option, vinyl flooring is affordable, versatile and gives perhaps the greatest range of options. Whether you want the appearance of marble, modern stone tiles, wood or even bold graphic designs, vinyl floor tiles can accommodate nearly any design scheme.  

Engineered Wood vs Solid Wood in a lounge

Wooden flooring is available as both solid wood and engineered, with each offering different qualities and styles.

Engineered wood is made up of a layered board of plywood or HDF which is placed under intense pressure. This generates a base of insulation which is topped by a veneer of your choice. This veneer can be treated to a number of finishes that can make your flooring unique and stylish.

Engineered wood flooring is often recommended for homes that are subject to changes in temperature and moisture, as it is much more resistant to changing shape in response to atmospheric conditions. It's also excellent for homes that use underfloor heating.

Solid wood is incredibly durable and available in a wide range of styles and finishes. Although engineered wood is almost identical in appearance, for many people there's an appeal in having "the real thing" – and a well-installed and well-maintained solid wood floor is certainly an asset that can make a property more attractive.

Both solid and engineered flooring can handle heavy footfall and is incredibly easy to maintain for years on end – a well-installed floor can last a generation or more.

Any questions?

We want you to have the perfect flooring for your lounge, and our friendly, knowledgeable staff are on hand to help you find it. If you have any questions about our range, or just want some advice on the best options for your particular needs, we'll be delighted to help. Get in touch via the enquiry form to the left of the page, or give us a call on 0333 002 1062.