Kitchen Flooring

You need to ensure that your kitchen floor is not only stylish, but practical and hardwearing as well. It is important that you recognise the need for a floor that not only looks good, but will also last you a long time, whilst looking for the most cost effective option.  

Wood and laminate are the best options, depending on your cost plan. Laminate flooring is more cost effective, and equally as durable as hardwood, but doesn’t have the same elegant finish. Hardwood is a fantastic option, as it is not only classy and sophisticated, but is also incredibly hardwearing.

Solid and Engineered wood both have their advantages, they’re both durable and long lasting, as well as having good water resistance. If you need any more advice, feel free to give one of our team a ring on 0333 002 1062.

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Big, small, country or modern, a house isn't a home without a kitchen you feel comfortable cooking and socialising in. A large part of creating a kitchen to be proud of is the flooring - and with so many options available, it can be difficult to know which type of flooring will suit you best!

The Posh Flooring range is on hand to help you make the best choice. With plenty of options on offer to give you flexibility and choice, we also pride ourselves on offering great value for money, and offer a 25-year manufacturer's guarantee with all our products.

Take a look at our range below, and read on for more information on our flooring for kitchens.  

What kind of flooring should I choose for my kitchen?

The only hard and fast rule that you should stick to when it comes to updating your kitchen flooring is an obvious one - no carpets! In a kitchen, spills and mess are par for the course, so you need to ensure your flooring is up to the challenge.

With that in mind, you've a whole world of floorboard options open to you. From real and engineered wood flooring to slate effect and laminate flooring, the main consideration you'll have is the look of the flooring - which will suit the style of your kitchen best? 

Advantages of real and engineered wood flooring for your kitchen

Ideal for homes that are embracing a classic, country or shabby-chic style in the kitchen, wooden flooring is an elegant option that can tick all the boxes. 

Available in a huge range of wood types, colours and cuts, real and engineered wood flooring is as versatile as you need it to be. It's also an incredibly hard-wearing option - provided that you're willing to keep on top of the required maintenance. 

Opt for solid wooden flooring for climate-consistent homes, or opt for engineered wood flooring to make use of under floor heating 

Advantages of laminate flooring for your kitchen

There's no beating the family-friendly nature of laminate flooring. Whether you've got little ones that seem to deposit as much food onto the floor as they do into their mouths, pets with muddy paws or a partner that doesn't always take their shoes off when they walk in the door, the ability to simply wipe laminate floor clean is a big advantage to many.

There are also few flooring styles that come in so many different colours and styles. From wood effect to stone and even slate, forget the laminate flooring of the 1990s - our range is as stylish as it is affordable, making it the perfect fit for your kitchen. 

Advantages of vinyl flooring for your kitchen

In a similar way to laminate, kitchen vinyl flooring might well be an ideal option for you. Perfect for homes and kitchens where you've always got people popping in and out, kids darting in and out and pets running around, vinyl flooring can stand up to a heavy footfall 

What's more, the style of vinyl means that you can embrace many different styles with one medium. Opt for tile, stone or wood-style flooring, in a vast range of colours and patterns.  

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If there's anything else you'd like to know about our range of kitchen flooring options, don't hesitate to get in touch. Remember, we also offer a 25-year manufacturer's warranty on many of our products.