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What kind of flooring should I choose for my bathroom?

With high moisture levels and warmer temperatures throughout, bathrooms should feature flooring that has been specifically designed to cope in such conditions. Exposure to water and heat over a long period of time can cause certain flooring types to warp and bend, so it's important to choose wisely. New flooring is an investment, and we want you to enjoy it for as long as possible. 

Avoid installing laminate flooring in your bathroom. Despite it being durable and moisture-resistant to some extent, it does not wear well in bathrooms or damp areas. 

Advantages of vinyl flooring for your bathroom

One of the most versatile flooring designs, vinyl flooring is perfect for bathrooms. Easy to maintain, scratch-resistant and completely moisture-resistant, there's no need to worry about vinyl flooring being damaged from water or humidity. If installed well, vinyl can last anywhere between 10 to 20 years.

When it comes to design, any style is possible with vinyl. Known for realistically imitating natural materials, wooden, stone and even intricate tiled designs can be produced with vinyl. It's fantastic for introducing texture into the bathroom, and vinyl flooring can become a feature in its own right. 

Advantages of engineered wood flooring for your bathroom

When it comes to bathrooms, solid wood isn't suitable. The humidity in the bathroom can cause damage, causing the wood to warp and bend.

If you do wish to feature wooden flooring in your bathroom, opt for thinner, engineered wood. Engineered wood is made from a thin layer of timber and a core of plywood or HDF, and its flexible structure enables engineered wooden flooring to withstand humid, wetter conditions. 

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