White Parquet Flooring

A luxury choice for any home, parquet flooring instantly gives a refined finish to any room. In white shades, the style becomes rather striking, all while working well alongside decorations and furnishings of all colours.

While white parquet flooring is a little more susceptible to scratches, dirt and humidity than darker shades and other flooring types, the wood is nevertheless very durable and of the highest quality, lasting nearly a decade from installation, and longer with a touch of inexpensive maintenance – it's a cost-effective choice that oozes indulgence.

The greatest draw has to be its good looks. Whether you're into chic minimalism or that classic country home atmosphere, it just works. Paler colours give rooms a feeling of space, and this effect is multiplied with the elegant patterns parquet is known for – small or large, they add class to any room.

Buying for the trade? View our ex VAT price here

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Buying for the trade? View our ex VAT price here

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Why choose White Parquet flooring?

White wooden flooring has been the choice of bureaucrats and castle owners for many years due to its polished and rustic board finishing that gives a striking feel to every interior. The Victorian interior design considers white parquet flooring as the most desirable flooring for its depth and bold style that works well with almost all furnishings.

It effortlessly provides depth and character to interiors. The white color gives the environment a spacious feel. Moreover, it is incredibly durable and sturdy for everyday use.

How long does it last?

White parquet flooring is low maintenance and lasts for almost a decade depending on the usage. The average lifespan is approximately 7-8 years but can be increased with refurbishing that is a cost-friendly alternative to carpeting.


  • The fine wood grain gives an extravagant aesthetically-pleasing appearance.
  • The white colour is visually appealing and adds character and depth to interiors.
  • It gives a spacious feel to the interiors
  • The wood quality is durable and stable.
  • Can be refurbished with minimum investment.
  • Cost efficient flooring solution.


  • It is susceptible to humidity.
  • Can be easily affected by scratches and dirt.