Oak Parquet

Oak parquet flooring is a superb solution for homeowners given its fresh look and feel, and affordable price. By nature, parquet flooring is one of the most popular types around given its stylish patterned tiles and geometric shapes. Oak parquet has the added benefit of being extra durable, strong and hardwearing. What's more, our range of oak parquet flooring is either fitted with the handy Click-Loc installation system or, alternatively, a tongue and groove system meaning you can lay it with ease by yourself.

Not only is oak parquet flooring trendy due to its appearance, it is also easy to clean and maintain. Parquet flooring is brilliant at trapping heat too, helping to add warmth to homes in colder locations. Oak parquet can be used in a wide range of different rooms, but you'll find it's best suited to lounge areas or rooms that would benefit from underfloor heating.

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10 Item(s)

Why choose Oak Parquet flooring?

Oak Parquet Flooring is perhaps the most convenient choice when it comes to decorating your floor. The rigidness of oak helps to endure humidity and moisture under most circumstances and minimizes the impact on its size structure. If compared with other woods, which may shrink or enlarge due to humidity, oak retains its structure under most scenarios. Not to forget the luxury it adds to rooms, it also works well with most décor. Just like red wine, Oak wood improves in texture with age, giving it richer colours.


How long does Oak Parquet Flooring Last?

The toughness of Oak Parquet Flooring makes it quite durable and has a steady life span compared to most other forms of woods used in flooring. The evenness of the wood captures fewer stains and does not accumulate dirt easily; meaning it would give a balanced look for a much longer life. Though, typically the lifespan would vary based on usage and care. In a general setting, Oak Parquet Flooring lasts a decade with minimal care.


Pros of Oak Parquet Flooring

  • It can cost less than other wood sources, meaning you get similar luxury without compromising on the costs.
  • It is easy to manage and clean, and does not trap dust.
  • Wood flooring is known to trap heat, making it ideal for geographically cold areas.
  • Oak wood has a longer life span compared to most woods used for flooring purposes.
  • Oak wood is highly resistant to insect and fungal attacks.
  • Oak woods colour gets richer with age


Cons of Oak Parquet Flooring

  • Would require regular maintenance and polishing to maintain its original looks.
  • Not suitable for highly humid areas.
  • Would lose its structure and balance on floorings with water seepage.