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  • Grey Parquet Flooring

    What is grey parquet flooring?

    Parquet is a type of wooden flooring that is manufactured using several strips of wood or small blocks that are skillfully laid to create a geometric and regular flooring pattern. In simpler words, parquet flooring is an interlocking pattern of wooden flooring.

    Grey parquet flooring is an elegant, classic and easy-to-maintain flooring that gives a contemporary feel to your interior design. Over the past couple of years, the flooring has become the choice of consumers for its usability, design, and aesthetic appeal. It is available in engineered and solid wood flooring.

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    £35.83 m² ex vat From £43.00 m² inc vat

      Trade Choice Easy Click Loc Parquet Engineered Grey Oak 14/3mm x 150mm Brushed and UV Oiled Herringbone Wood Flooring

    Brushed & UV Oiled
    14/3mm x 150mm
    Click Loc System
    Fixed 600mm
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Why choose grey wood flooring?

Grey parquet flooring is a brilliant amalgamation of design and color. The grey color gives it a rustic feel while the unconventional pattern gives a subtle yet exquisite look. The flooring complements all interiors and adds depth and details to your living space.

Moreover, the parquet flooring is extremely durable and sturdy which makes it a cost efficient solution for your flooring needs.

How long does grey parquet flooring lasts?

The average lifespan of grey parquet flooring is a decade or two if used with care. The flooring requires little to no maintenance and can also be refurbished if needed. This makes it a cheaper and a long lasting alternate to tiling or carpeting.

Pros of grey parquet flooring

  • The color and pattern makes it visually appealing.
  • It is sturdy and durable.
  • Can be refurbished.
  • Is a cost efficient flooring option.

Cons of white parquet flooring

  • Prone to scratches.
  • The flooring is susceptible to humidity.