Parquet Flooring

Parquet flooring is one of the most recognisable types of flooring due to its patterned tiles and geometric shapes. There are a number of styles available, including herringbone, chevron, brick and basket weaved, which all have different colours and grains.

No matter what style, and no matter which room you're looking to fit your parquet floor in, you're sure to find the perfect parquet flooring in the range featured below.

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12 Item(s)

What is parquet flooring?

Parquetry is a term used to describe how inlaid wood is arranged geometrically to create richly patterned flooring. 

This style of flooring became popular between the 16th and 19th century when rich homeowners looked for flooring to match the opulence of marble. Today, wood cutting has become more mechanical, allowing for mass-production across the world. In short, this means that the luxurious style of parquet flooring is now an affordable option for many, but still retains that feeling of glamour.  

How long will parquet flooring last?

The best indicator as to how long a floor will last is to take a look at the material it's made from, and to ensure that you take the best possible care of it. Keeping on top of any maintenance, cleaning, and avoiding walking on it in high heels can encourage the floor to last years, even decades. 

 Be sure to follow the manufacturer's advice given to you when you purchase your parquet flooring. 

What wood works best with parquet flooring?

Parquet flooring is available as solid or engineered wood; the latter of which is made up of multiple layers of timber pressed under intense heat and then topped by a solid wood veneer. The planks can be purchased with either the click-lock or tongue-and-groove system – both are easy to use, and make installation that little bit quicker. 

Generally, engineered wood is much thinner than solid wood, however, this can depend on the amount of layers. These layers increase the stability of the flooring and allows for breathing room during intense temperature changes – particularly at night. This makes engineered parquet flooring ideal for rooms with under-floor heating. 

Solid wood parquet flooring is generally oiled or lacquered to ensure that its qualities remain. Two of the most common hardwood timbers used for parquet flooring are oak, due its strength and durability, and walnut, because of its deep colour. 

What alternatives to parquet flooring are there?

Parquet flooring offers a distinctive style, which might not suit the overall look you're going for. However, solid wood and engineered wood flooring are also both available as more conventional-shaped floorboards - take a look at our hard wood floor range here, or our engineered wood range here.  

If you are interested in purchasing parquet flooring for your home, be sure to take a look through our collection of flooring, which covers a wide range of styles suitable for a diverse budget.