Meet the Blogger: Do-Dolce

This week we caught up with Eneli, the Estonian blogger behind lifestyle blog Do-Dolce, Eneli - Do-Dolceabout balancing interior design trends with a home's natural surroundings and the surprising benefits a slow-going renovation can have. We adore her beautiful photos and the other-worldliness of her woodland home.


Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I'm a simple girl who loves quiet holidays but also like to stay busy – why else do I blog, travel, work as a make-up artist, study, raise horses in my backyard in middle of the endless Estonian forest and do so much more?! I have lived also in United Kingdom, London and Italy, Tuscany – where a big part of my heart stayed.

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How long have you been blogging?

I started with my first blog more than 9 years ago, wow! Do-Dolce is my second blog and I still love it!

What inspired you to start blogging?

At first I started because my best friend had her personal blog, so it seemed a fun thing to do together.

At first I blogged about my thoughts, then it was a travel blog, so my friends and family had a chance to follow my life while I was living and travelling aboard. My friend still blogs about her personal thoughts while I have created a new blog and raised it in another direction.

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Where do you look for design inspiration?

Mainly I look to other blogs and also magazines. Usually everything starts from photos; I always make photos first and then prepare everything else.

What is your favourite interior design trend right now and are there any trends you feel will get a lot of attention this season?

My sign is Gemini and it plays a big role according to interior design taste. I love minimalistic Scandinavian style and also love cosy country cottage style. As I live in old wooden cottage middle of nowhere, it's pretty hard to bring a very minimalistic style in, but I like to mix things up!

What is your interior design ‘pet hate’?

I guess that I don´t have anything I hate. Some things just don't suit specific places, so it's important to keep the environment and “big picture” in your mind. I mean, I don't want to make my old cottage house totally modern and minimalistic, I still think about the house’s history and try to mix the things I like, but still keep an authentic look.

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What would your dream home be like?

My current home, just with a finished building would be a dream come true. This renovation seems to take forever! Right now we’re renovating our dining and living room. I can imagine how everything will look in the future, but when the future is… I have no idea! Although, with this slow progress I can really think everything through and thanks to that have made many changes and I'm really happy about them!

What are your favourite blogs right now and why?

I really enjoy different DIY, home decor and beauty blogs, my current obsession is definitely I Heart Organizing blog! I have made posts about my favourite international (part one and part two) and favourite Estonian blogs (available here), but I will make a new post soon as I have discovered so many new faves!

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What’s your favourite blog post you’ve written to date, which you would recommend for any readers new to your blog?

Oh, it's so hard to choose just one! Every post means something for me! But from latest ones I definitely love this post about my horses, it was first time I included them on my blog and it looks like my readers also enjoyed it!

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