Blogger Interview: Lesli from My Old Country House

Lesli DevitoCan you tell us a bit about yourself?

I always tend to be juggling a minimum of 3 activities at one time. Life is short and the world is so full of adventure. For the past 18 years my focus has primarily been on being a Mom, though I do have 2 Master's Degrees in Theatre and Nursing -so I can Act and be a Nurse Practitioner. These days my education mostly comes in handy while watching Jeopardy. You will find me mostly running here and there -cleaning, cooking (I do not love to cook, but I do love to eat), decorating, thinking about decorating, and reading about decorating, looking at clothes, and painting . I paint every second I can. Sometimes that means I forget dinner time has passed and the kids keep me in line. My eldest graduates High School this Friday and I am all tangled up about how fast that got here!

How long have you been blogging?

Since 2011.

IMG_0001What made you start blogging?

I had wanted to for a while. People that knew me and my Paintings and all my "projects" would say "you should start a blog!" Time was an issue, then my youngest got Mono and I was home with him sitting quietly more than I had since he was a baby, and I started My Old Country House.

What advice would you give to people looking to start a blog or magazine?

Just do it. It does not need to be perfect. It just needs to be YOU!

Where do you look for design inspiration?

Art, Pinterest, everywhere, books, the sky, outside, watching a curtain blow, or the way the light picks up colour on the top of my dogs head. Everything inspires me - shadows and light.

masterbedrooom1Who are your favourite all time designers?

I have SO many favourites. Coco Chanel, Bunny Williams,  my friend Christopher Kennedy, Kelly Wearstler, Ralph Lauren,  Suzanne Kasler, Victoria Hagan - just so many!

What is your favourite interior design trend right now?

I lean toward eclectic...so like how things are LESS matchy matchy. Organized , "lived in" spaces attract me most. I am IN LOVE with Swedish decor. Lots of white with pops of colour.

Are there any trends you feel will get a lot of attention in 2015?

Brass and Gold are but I am worried they are getting TOO much play time...

BIRDSEYE ROOMWhat are you interior design ‘pet hates’?

I don't know if this answers the question, but I get annoyed when I read an article about a room and all there are these close-up very gorgeous photos of details, which I do love, but I want to see the WHOLE room too!!!

What would your dream home be like?

Big and old, tall ceilings and loads of character, but totally gutted and updated. Lots of outlets in each room (we have rooms with just one!) Lots of outdoor living space for entertaining lots of friends, guest rooms galore, great storage, lots of light, and I guess if we are talking "Dream" let’s put it on the ocean...

livingROOMWhat are your favourite blogs right now and why?

My Scandinavian Home. My friend Holly's blog The English Room does an ‘Artist Spotlight"  each week and I LOVE seeing what is out there and get so inspired by other artists. I love 6th Street Design School, and have had a blogger crush on Little Green Notebook and Emily Henderson's blog for years. Blogging keeps me young!

What article on My Old Country House would you consider your favorite?

I love the post I did recently revealing my daughter's bedroom room makeover, but the one which continues to bring new readers is my kitchen reveal. Ironically , My FAVORITE ones to write are when I write essays, pour my heart out, talk about something that moves me. I don't do that enough.

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