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  • The Hottest Properties in The UK

    Every property has its own personality, and many of us are on the look-out for particular characteristics when it comes to house hunting. Some of us want to own a piece of history and find a home with unique, period features while others tend to seek out a modern build with the latest tech already installed.

    Our recent survey revealed the following five property styles to be the most desirable with Brits. From the old to the new, here's a closer look at the hottest properties on the market.

    Pre-Georgian Detached

    Built: 1660 - 1688

    Firwood Fold, a small 16th century Hamlet of former farm workers' cottages in Bolton, Greater Manchester and the birthplace of Samuel Crompton, the inventor of the Spinning Mule and one of the forefathers of the Industrial Revolution.

    Popular but difficult to find on the property market, pre-Georgian detached properties are usually located in the countryside. Quaint, cottage-like and smaller in size, you'll find lower ceilings with original beams and large fireplaces inside.

    Pre-Georgian homes are popular for their homely feel and thatched rooftops. Original, solid wood flooring often remains, adding to the authentic charm of the build.

    Georgian Detached

    Built: 1714 - 1830

    Ranking the most popular style with Brits in our survey, Georgian detached homes are defined by a few key characteristics. Often placed in the centre of a stunning landscape, you can expect plenty of open green space to accompany a detached Georgian build. The home itself can be recognised by its symmetry, airiness and height - detached Georgian homes tend to be wider and taller in the centre compared to your typical modern build.

    Sash windows are common features, alongside a grand doorway leading into the house. For the interior, look out for ornate mouldings, panelling and fireplaces that act as a focal point within a room. Kitchens tend to be separate from the lounge and all rooms in the home are spacious.

    Edwardian Semi-Detached

    Built: 1901 - 1910

    Uk british house - London

    Notably located in the suburbs, Edwardian semi-detached homes can be recognised by their red brickwork, pointed roofs and slate tiles. A demand for larger rooms make Edwardian homes highly sought-after today, and loft space is often easily converted to add even more room.

    You're likely to find parquet solid wood flooring inside. The style gained popularity during the Victorian era, remaining popular in homes until the 1930s.

    Modern/New Build

    Built: 1990s

    90s New build house 500

    Often built in volume, builds from the 1990s tend to incorporate many modern features. Technology played a big role, with houses from the 1990s onwards being known for their improved security. Brick was mostly used in the design, but you may find elements of timber and stone in particular buildings. You'll find decent sized driveways with modern builds too.


    Built: 2000s

    New eco-friendly housing in Manchester, England, on a bright Spring day.

    Designed with the environment in mind, eco-builds reduce the industry's carbon footprint by using sustainable, and often local, materials. The aim is to produce an eco-friendly space, reducing the carbon footprint of the build and improving the overall energy-efficiency of the home. Features include solar panels, locally grown timber, rainwater recycling tanks and cellulose insulation.

    Inside, rooms are often multifunctional. Open space planning is a key feature, with homes rarely featuring separate dining spaces. Kitchens will often include dining space, reflecting a more sociable modern lifestyle. Double or triple-glazing, underfloor heating and décor inspired by nature are common and highly desirable.


    Whether you're selling your house or hunting for a new one, make sure you know the history of your home to enhance its key features. Original structures, a well-maintained floor and tasteful décor can have a huge impact on the value of your property.

  • The Art of Being 'Posh' in 2016

    The term posh can be tricky to define, especially in the modern day. It first cropped up in the early 20th century, and there's no doubt that things have changed quite a bit since then. It's a pretty odd term, and one that everybody seems to have a different opinion of. To put our curious minds to rest, we decided to survey 1000 members of the British public, from ages 18 to 65 plus, to find out exactly what being ‘posh’ means in 2016.

    So, what exactly does a posh person look, act and live like we hear you ask? There's no right answer of course, but for fun we've decided to combine the results with the highest percentage of votes to create our fictional, posher-than-posh character.

    Are you ready to meet them? Here's what the 'poshest' person in the UK would be like, as voted for by you.

    Starting with the voice, because nothing says posh quite like a well-pronounced vowel, the ultimate posh accent is from the extended home counties. 34.1% of people believe this accent is quintessentially posh, with received pronunciation following closely behind. As for names, double-barrel surnames were voted a must-have, and a private school education certainly helps when it comes to climbing up the posh scale. While we’re here, we might as well give our posh persona a distant royal relative as well - 32.5% of our those we surveyed did think it was a major sign of being posh after all.

    Our posh friend has not one, but two homes. We have to admit, having a second home or summer home does sounds lovely, and the public think no truly posh person can be without one. Inside this second home you’ll find a nanny, tea (we have to keep it British!) served in a decorative pot with cups and saucers, and lots of smoked salmon - it’s a staple ‘posh’ food according to 9% of our survey participants! Personally, we’re not too sure about the slimy dish.

    Let’s give our posher-than-posh persona some wheels, as an expensive, flashy car was one of the most popular signs of being posh. A Range Rover is perfect for travelling between homes or going shopping at Waitrose and Harvey Nichols - we bet you can fit a lot of amazing items in a Range Rover’s boot!

    Buying champagne on a night out, being kitted out with the latest Apple gadgets and referring frequently to others as ‘darling’ were also voted as posh characteristics. Funnily enough, 13.7% of 18 to 24 year olds also thought that eating a cheese board was posh, compared to only 2.5% of those aged 65 and above. It seems like tastes, and our perception of what posh means, has certainly changed over time!

    And that’s it, the complete list of what makes a person ‘posh’ in 2016 according to the British public. Are there any features we’ve missed that define the term posh to you?

  • Meet the Blogger: Inside Out & About

    Esther Hancock - Inside Out & About
    Today we're getting to know the lovely Esther who blogs at Inside Out & About.

    Introduce us to your blog, can you tell us a little about yourself?

    My name is Esther. I live in Yorkshire with my husband and two young boys. We bought our house just over 6 years ago, and over the last three years we have completely overhauled every room...and three years later we still have quite a few little jobs that need doing! I'm a creative person and I love making things for our home. My blog is a mix of everything - life with two boys, styling, days out, craft projects and thoughts.

    What inspired you to start blogging?

    Having too many ideas in my head and wanting a place to share them. When I started blogging I was completely naive - I had no idea how huge, or how influential the community was.

    Where do you look for design inspiration?

    Everywhere and anywhere - shops, homes, blogs, the outdoors, magazines and images I see online. Instagram has got to be my favourite though. It is amazing and full of such talented people. I feel inspired every time I scroll down my feed - there are so many beautiful homes. Having children also influences my decisions to a degree - our home has to be practical for family life, and the children have to be considered.

    Dining room

    What is your favourite design trend right now and are there any trends you feel will get a lot of attention this season?

    Mixing textures is huge at the moment and will be around to stay - metal, wood, slate, leather,
    cement, glass and ceramics, along with the range of metallic finishes that are around. Rules are being broken, and it's quite liberating! Bringing the outdoors is growing in popularity too - people are getting experimental with greenery in every room.


    What is your design ‘pet hate’?

    I really want to say I don't have any, but I have thought of one! When an old house with gorgeous, original features is made to look super modern. I've rarely seen it truly work, and always think it would look so much nicer if it was kept with original features intact.

    What would your dream home be like?

    This is a tricky one. I flit between a barn in the countryside, and a gorgeous Victorian house with high ceilings and lots of original features. The inside always looks very white, homely and full of beautiful textiles and plenty of plants. Spacious and welcoming, as I love having people inside my home. A large outdoor space is important too - equally important as the house itself.


    What are your favourite blogs right now and why?

    I adore Katy over at Apartment Apothecary's style - she makes the most of every single corner of her home and incorporates lots of plants to keep things looking fresh. Her hints and tips are fabulous too. Laura at We Made This Home is so talented. Her styling is completely stunning and she incorporates so many unusual elements.

    Another favourite is The Ordinary Lovely written by Rachel. I love the way she mixes colours and textures in her styling. She makes the simplest things look so beautiful.

    Which three blog posts you would recommend for any readers new to your blog?

    I recently had a blog overhaul, so anyone new to my blog would find ‘What’s new at Inside Out & About?’ useful.

    I loved working on a project where I upcycled a bookcase. It was so much fun and I was so pleased with the outcome.

    We are hoping to make some progress with our garden this year, and I love dreaming what we will do with the sweet space we have. I’ll be coming back to my post on garden dining later in the year for some inspiration.

    Spare room

    What does 2016 have in store for you and your blog?

    Creativity is going to be a huge focus of my blog this year. I love making things for my home, styling and trying new things. We're hoping to completely finish our home and garden, so I'll be keeping track of our progress.

    Thank you for having me!

  • Meet the Blogger: Crafternoon Cabaret Club

    Today we're chatting with Hannah who blogs at Crafternoon Cabaret Club to talk all things craft,

    "Crafternoon Cabaret" Event Shot Photo credit: Simon Kane

    crafting events and adding a handmade touch to your home.

    Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

    Hello! My name is Hannah and I blog at CrafternoonCabaretClub: a craft and creativity blog, and the online home of my Craft and Cabaret mash-up event of the same name. I've always loved DIY, performance and people so it was only a matter of time before I found a way to bring my passions together!

    Crafternoon Cabaret Club is an event in London where you can craft to your heart’s content whilst watching live performances from a top-notch cabaret line-up. I started the blog a few months before launching the event as a way to document and share my making, new crafts I was tackling and creative inspirations, and because I was really keen to link into the amazing online crafting community. I’m a complete craft magpie and I’m always chasing the next new skill to learn so my blog includes papercrafts, knitting, jewellery making, sewing projects and upcycling... and I’m sure I’ll keep adding as I learn new skills.

    pompom wall hanging

    What inspired you to start blogging?

    I started my blog to help encourage myself out of a creative rut. I figured that if I committed to blogging about what I was making publicly then I would have to make things!  I always work better with a deadline. Since then I've really developed a love of blogging and I blog a whole mixture of content from DIYs, to inspirations, to interviewing other creatives, or writing about cultural events I've been to. My blog has really evolved from what really started as a creative diary, and I love how you can create so many connections with other creatives and crafters through the blogging world.

    Where do you look for craft inspiration?

    I love reading craft blogs, going to exhibitions, reading craft magazines, spotting street art, and looking at fashion and home design. I think it’s good to keep your inspiration varied and eclectic – you’ll end up with fresher ideas and it removes the risk of just trying to make your own version of someone else’s work.

    pompom wreath

    What is your favourite project you’ve worked on so far?

    I adore my pompom wreath that I created just before Christmas – it’s so fun and bright and brings a real pop of colour to my home. Last year I made a lot of decorations for my wedding like upcycling a vintage suitcase into a card case and making DIY bridesmaid gifts so those will also have a place in my heart too.

    What would your dream home be like?

    Exposed brick, feature walls, pops of colour and piles of luxurious throws!  I dream of owning somewhere I can transform so that every room is full of inspiration.  I’d also have a huge craft room with lots of light – naturally!

    Crafternoon Cabaret Club cameo wall hangings

    What does 2016 have in store for you and your blog?

    This year I want to grow my blog and my Instagram following. I’m trying new crafts all the time and looking to expand the range of topics I blog about. I’ll also be continuing to run events and hopefully meeting lots of new lovely crafters!

  • Meet the Blogger: The Essex Barn


    This week we're getting to know Michelle who blogs from her dream home, The Essex Barn.Michelle The Essex Barn

    Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

    Well, my name is Michelle Reeves and I'm a professional blogger and Mum of two. I run twosuccessful blogs - The Essex Barn; a homes and interiors site with inspiration from our dream home and The Joy Chaser; a happiness-focussed lifestyle blog.

    It’s very personal putting your life out there on the page for the world to read and I love the amazing feedback I get from my readers when a piece or touches them. If I can reach out and inspire or help someone, let just one person know they’re not alone (for example with my posts about post-natal depression) or give them ideas to create their own dream home then that’s a wonderful thing. There’s also something very special about the blogging community and I'm so grateful for the wonderful friends I've made.

    The Essex Barn 1

    How long have you been blogging and what inspired you to start blogging?

    In 2008 my husband and I left behind everything we knew and loved in the UK – including my successful career in Internet Marketing – for a three-year adventure in China. I started blogging there as part of my therapy for post-natal depression. We arrived back in the UK two years later and to my surprise and delight my first blog continued to flourish growing a global readership.

    Last year I launched two more blogs, The Joy Chaser and The Essex Barn. When I found our 17th century wheat barn I knew I never wanted to move again. I pinch myself every day and enjoy sharing my LOVE for our spacious family home.

    From rustic interior design to accessories, style ideas and renovation tips I hope that my readers find some inspiration for their own dream home.

    The Essex Barn 2

    Where do you look for design inspiration?

    Everywhere! The internet is great for an instant fix from Pinterest, Instagram and other blogs but I'll happily wander through my favourite department store picking up style ideas. I like looking at pieces that we have collected over the years with fresh eyes - re-purposing or painting furniture to breathe new life into it. As well as managing my two blogs and working with clients I'm studying for an Interior Design Diploma, which is giving me lots of ideas.

    The Essex Barn 3

    What is your favourite interior design trend right now and are there any trends you feel will get a lot of attention this season?

    Living in a period house, I don't tend to look at the latest trends and prefer timeless styles that work within our home. Trends come and go but for me the best interior design reflects the personality and character of a home and those that live in it using proportion, colour and an emphasis on quality and detail.

    That said, sustainability continues to be a key trend for 2016 and re-purposing is a strong part of our ethos at The Barn. Dulux's colour of the year is Cherished Gold and I do love to bring a touch of glamour into rooms with accessories in burnished metallics, glitter and glass.

    The Essex Barn 4

    What is your interior design ‘pet hate’?

    Not respecting the history, character and personality of a building.

    What would your dream home be like?

    I'm lucky enough to be living in it! We still have a lot that we'd like to achieve at The Barn but everyday we love living here more and more. The one thing I would add? More sunshine!

    What are your favourite blogs right now and why?

    I'm inspired by homes and interiors blogs that showcase beautiful style and imagery like Capture by Lucy, Apartment Apothecary, Love Chic Living and The Twinkle Diaries and I love browsing through Apartment Therapy. I'm also enjoying new blog finds Swoonworthy and The Ordinary Lovely.

    What’s your favourite blog post you’ve written to date, which you would recommend for any readers new to your blog?

    I absolutely loved collaborating with John Lewis Cambridge on three sparkly and glamorous posts and timelapse videos this Christmas, creating the perfect tree, table and fireplace for the season. But I think one of my earliest posts - From Mezzanine to Table - conveys the ethos behind our plans for The Barn most succinctly.

    The Essex Barn 5


    You can find inspiration from Michelle's dream home at The Essex Barn and follow her on Twitter, InstagramPinterest and YouTube.

  • Meet the Blogger: A Purdy Little House

    Sue - A Purdy Little House

    This week we're getting to know Sue, the Canadian blogger behind A Purdy Little House.

    Introduce us to your blog, can you tell us a little about yourself?

    My name is Sue Purdy. I am the creator of the blog A Purdy Little House. I live in Ontario, Canada with my three daughters and handy husband. DIY and home décor are my passions and I love to transform a space into something beautiful and functional. I love to shop at thrift stores and put a new spin on a previous loved item, whether it be a piece of furniture or just an accessory. I like to stick to a budget and the lower the cost, the better, which means that I usually end up doing most of the work myself (which I love).

    What inspired you to start blogging?

    When we moved into our dream home several years ago, it needed some serious help. It was dated and ugly, but the bones were great, so we jumped in with both feet. I’ve always read DIY and home décor blogs, and I just got to thinking “well, I could do that…”, and since we were always doing some type of project to bring our home back into the 21st century, it seemed like the perfect time to start chronicling our DIY projects.

    Where do you look for design inspiration?

    Instagram, Pinterest, Houzz, and other blogs.

    What is your favourite design trend right now and are there any trends you feel will get a lot of attention this season?

    I love retro modern. My personal style is transitional, with a bit of retro modern added in. I always have some piece in my décor that is a throwback to the 50s, while maintaining a typically conservative and monochromatic style. It sounds wacky, but it works for me. I think that white walls and large graphic wallpaper are going to be on trend this season.

    A Purdy Little House - Living Room

    What is your design ‘pet hate’?

    I honestly don’t have any. I think that given the right room or style, all things could work well and be beautiful. I don’t like the colour red though, but that’s not really a design ‘pet hate’.

    What would your dream home be like?

    I really love century homes that have been updated, while keeping with their original charm. Tudors are a favourite as well. They are classic and have stood the test of time. I have a major crush on any type of coffered ceiling and I'm really loving wallpaper with big bold graphics.

    A Purdy Little House - Winter Decorating Bar Cart

    What are your favourite blogs right now and why?

    Less Than Perfect Life of Bliss – Julie is an amazing artist, and I love her home décor style.

    The Happy Housie – Krista’s style is very bright and bold, and her creativity is spot on. Her spaces are beautiful and I love them. She truly has an amazing eye for design.

    Design the Life You Want – Lynne doesn’t post very often, but she is absolutely hilarious in her posts.

    Funky Junk Interiors – Donna loves to transform old worn out items into beautiful pieces. She’s like a DIY goddess.

    A Purdy Little House - White Bed Linens

    Which three blog posts you would recommend for any readers new to your blog?

    Here are 3 posts that I think do a good job summing up my style and what my blog is all about:

  • 2016’s Interior Design Trends

    With a new year upon us, people up and down the nation are making their grand DIY plans – it’s a case of “out with the old and in with the new”. It’s time to tear out those cabinets you’ve been putting up with and rip up that carpet your friends turn up their noses at. The living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens of the UK are due for a makeover, so we took a look at what 2016 is going to bring to your home.

    We spoke to some top designers not just in the UK, but also overseas, to hear what interior design trends you can expect to see over the next few months. Who knows, you might just find the inspiration you needed to take the plunge and start transforming your home.


    Rebecca Snowden – Interior Style Advisor at Furniture Choice

    Furniture Choice

    Blues will be important this year, darker shades such as indigo will be very popular wall colours and also a key colour in kilim rugs and soft furnishings. Classic blue and white china accessories will feature, and Pantone's selection of “Serenity” (15-3919) as one of its colours of the year will mean lighter shades are sure to be popular, too.

    We will also see a lot of grey, again with darker shades on the walls. We'll see a range of light and dark shades elsewhere, and greys will be an especially popular choice for sofas. Splashes of colour will be introduced with accessories; yellows and light pinks will be popular colour choices for lampshades and cushions. Metallics will feature strongly too, with plenty of copper and chrome lamps, chair legs and side tables.


    DeAnna Radaj – Eco-shui Design Consultant

    A focus on natural, eco-friendly items for the home. This includes the use of reclaimed wood in flooring and furniture as well as buying unique, artisan accessories and furniture pieces for the home. With all of the 2016 colours of the year (Pantone, Sherwin-Williams, et al) focusing on variations of white to rose quartz and serenity, the trend is for a ‘lightening up’, if you will, in colour and in de-cluttering our homes and lives.


    Cat Hoad – Director at Absolute Project Management

    apm trends 1

    Our main predictions for the new year are:

    1. Retro/vintage will continue to be popular, but will lean towards a higher quality finish – less shabby chic.
    1. Clean, simple lines will become more popular as clients embrace the concepts of mindfulness and apply this to their daily lives.
    1. Continued use of different metals in fittings and furniture accents – copper, brass, pewter, instead of chrome/stainless steel which has dominated for so long. The hospitality industry has picked up on this but people are now starting to bring these concepts into their own homes. 
    2. For soft furnishings we expect lots of opulent geometric prints and use of texture in muted colours – again with a high quality/grown up styling.
    1. Increasing use of house plants to add colour and interest and for their health benefits – biophilic design will become more popular as people realise the wellbeing benefits of being surrounded by natural materials and plants.
    1. When it comes to colours, bolder choices are available as people will slowly move away from the white, minimalist era. Companies across the industry are all showing adventurous/bright colour options - we think yellow will be a key colour this year. For the less adventurous, the pastel tones that Pantone recommends to complement its colour of the year would work well.


    Dana Barker  Interior Design Client Advisor at EliteFixtures.com

    In 2016, we will see a movement towards simplified colour palettes which incorporate organic and natural elements, for those who seek to separate themselves from the technological assaults the outer world commands of them. Those redecorating their homes are seeking lots of natural sunlight, nature colours, and sparsely furnished rooms with functional but soft and comfortable, pet friendly fabrics and pieces, which require very little effort to clean.


    Gemma Smith – Sales Director at Strata


    Colour is extremely important when capturing the mood of a room. When designing the show homes for each of our developments, we need to get it just right in order to help them visualise the living space.

    Quieter and calming hues are going to be big this year, we can see this especially in Pantone’s Colour of the Year which was announced at the end of 2015. Introducing exterior to your interior design is pinned as a key trend for this year – think exposed walls, concrete, and natural colours combined with greenery for a raw look.

    Copper blush was undoubtedly one of the biggest trends to come out of last year and so, naturally, this is evolving in 2016. You’ll still see metallics throughout the home, but containing an earthier gold feel.

    Keep an eye out for over the top accessories because 70’s decor is making a comeback. If you aren’t brave enough to go overboard with the retro psychedelic trend, try introducing it slowly with geometric contemporary art, patterned rugs and hanging houseplants.

    What are your home DIY plans? Looking to renew your living room or kitchen? Let us know on Twitter @poshflooring

  • Meet the Blogger: Do-Dolce

    This week we caught up with Eneli, the Estonian blogger behind lifestyle blog Do-Dolce, Eneli - Do-Dolceabout balancing interior design trends with a home's natural surroundings and the surprising benefits a slow-going renovation can have. We adore her beautiful photos and the other-worldliness of her woodland home.


    Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

    I'm a simple girl who loves quiet holidays but also like to stay busy – why else do I blog, travel, work as a make-up artist, study, raise horses in my backyard in middle of the endless Estonian forest and do so much more?! I have lived also in United Kingdom, London and Italy, Tuscany – where a big part of my heart stayed.

    Do-Dolce blog (15)

    How long have you been blogging?

    I started with my first blog more than 9 years ago, wow! Do-Dolce is my second blog and I still love it!

    What inspired you to start blogging?

    At first I started because my best friend had her personal blog, so it seemed a fun thing to do together.

    At first I blogged about my thoughts, then it was a travel blog, so my friends and family had a chance to follow my life while I was living and travelling aboard. My friend still blogs about her personal thoughts while I have created a new blog and raised it in another direction.

    Do-Dolce blog (14)

    Where do you look for design inspiration?

    Mainly I look to other blogs and also magazines. Usually everything starts from photos; I always make photos first and then prepare everything else.

    What is your favourite interior design trend right now and are there any trends you feel will get a lot of attention this season?

    My sign is Gemini and it plays a big role according to interior design taste. I love minimalistic Scandinavian style and also love cosy country cottage style. As I live in old wooden cottage middle of nowhere, it's pretty hard to bring a very minimalistic style in, but I like to mix things up!

    What is your interior design ‘pet hate’?

    I guess that I don´t have anything I hate. Some things just don't suit specific places, so it's important to keep the environment and “big picture” in your mind. I mean, I don't want to make my old cottage house totally modern and minimalistic, I still think about the house’s history and try to mix the things I like, but still keep an authentic look.

    Do-Dolce blog (8)

    What would your dream home be like?

    My current home, just with a finished building would be a dream come true. This renovation seems to take forever! Right now we’re renovating our dining and living room. I can imagine how everything will look in the future, but when the future is… I have no idea! Although, with this slow progress I can really think everything through and thanks to that have made many changes and I'm really happy about them!

    What are your favourite blogs right now and why?

    I really enjoy different DIY, home decor and beauty blogs, my current obsession is definitely I Heart Organizing blog! I have made posts about my favourite international (part one and part two) and favourite Estonian blogs (available here), but I will make a new post soon as I have discovered so many new faves!

    Do-Dolce blog (9)

    What’s your favourite blog post you’ve written to date, which you would recommend for any readers new to your blog?

    Oh, it's so hard to choose just one! Every post means something for me! But from latest ones I definitely love this post about my horses, it was first time I included them on my blog and it looks like my readers also enjoyed it!

  • There was a Murder On the Posh Floor!

    Last Saturday was the first ever Posh Flooring #MurderOnThePoshFloor event at the swanky Hilton Leeds City Hotel. We invited some of our favourite bloggers from all over Yorkshire to join us for a day of fine dining, glamour and mystery.

    MurderOnThePoshFloorOur guests arrived at the hotel at 1 pm for a drinks reception and a chance to mingle with each other before the main event. We provided a fun photo booth in the reception, kitted out with custom Posh Flooring design and a number of props designed to get everyone in the mood. After a few snaps in front of our posh chalk outline, the bloggers also got a glimpse of our ‘classified’ goodie bags, not to be opened until 4 pm!

    After everyone had a chance to have a glass of wine and a chat, we invited them into the hotel’s glamorous Magnum suite for their 3-course meal. We kitted out all of our tables with personalised name cards and some intriguing detective tools that would come in useful later.

    As soon as our guests sat down they were confronted with the death of a murdered aristocrat. Each table was pitted against each other to help solve the murder. With the help of our very own Sherlock Holmes and two of Her Majesty’s Constabulary from the Murder Mystery Company, the guests were given clues throughout the afternoon. Using their detective kits, which included a magnifying glass and some fingerprint dust, the teams were soon well on their way. The competition was tough, but we soon had the winners.

    MurderOnThePoshFloor Event in Leeds

    After awarding the winning team, costumes were handed out in preparation for them to act out their rendition of the murder. If the Oscar nominations hadn’t just been announced, we’d be calling for late contenders! The winning table won a bottle of champagne to share and celebrate with, before collecting their goodie bags along with everyone else and heading off into the night to solve more crimes.

    On the day, we also hosted a Twitter competition to see which of our bloggers was the most observant. Our two eagle-eyed winners were Lucinda of The Fashion Fictionary and Jess of Glitterbat who each won a delightfully posh box of chocolates.

    We’d just like to say a massive thank you to all of our bloggers for coming along to such a special day. We’d also like to say an extra special thanks to Georgina from She Might Be Loved and Danielle from Chickadee who travelled all the way from Sheffield and Doncaster respectively especially for the event.

    Stay in touch with us on Twitter and share your stories from the day with the #MurderonThePoshFloor.

  • Meet the Blogger: MiaFleur Blog

    This week we're chatting to Hollie, one of the women behind the MiaFleur blog and online store.MiaFleur Founders

    Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

    I’m Hollie, co-founder of online home and garden boutique, MiaFleur. We are a family-run UK based business, founded in 2012 by myself, my mum, Jacqui and my sister, Amelia. We sell a range of eclectic and unique accessories and furniture for the home and garden.

    Along with our shop, we also run our (now award-winning!) interiors and lifestyle blog.

    How long have you been blogging?

    We started blogging in 2012. It’s very much a joint effort between the three of us, with us all playing some part in either the writing, styling or photography.

    What inspired you to start blogging?

    We know that simply buying a product is not where the journey ends and for some, knowing how to make the product look just as good in your own home can be tricky. Which is why we set up our blog to offer expert advice for styling, inspiration and how to design your home. Our ‘Sourcebook’ advises where to buy complimentary products such as antiques and vintage items and we also offer step by step 'how to guides' to create your own unique home through crafting, styling and design.

    Miafleur Easy Home Accessory DIYWhere do you look for design inspiration?

    The internet is a fantastic resource for inspiration these days, with blogs, Pinterest, Instagram and Houzz being our favourites. We also regularly attend design and trade fairs to keep us abreast of the next big trends. For us, wandering around an antique shop can also be a great source of inspiration.

    What is your favourite interior design trend right now and are there any trends you feel will get a lot of attention this season?

    I’ve always has a penchant for luxe, so I’m happy that that’s well and truly back in again. I’m a bit of a magpie so I’m drawn to shiny things, but shiny things against a dark, moody background? Now that is my idea of heaven.

    Copper is huge at the moment and this is already transcending to a popularity for warm metals in general, with brass being the next big thing. The idea of decadence and the twenties is huge right now, with cocktails being a pretty big trend in itself, in fact our Round Marble and Brass Drinks Trolley (here) is the most popular item on the site at the moment.

    MiaFleur Brass Marble Drinks Trolley

    What is your interior design ‘pet hate’?

    The belief that everything or even every room should be matching! We have a ‘do it your own way’ take on interiors and we don’t believe that everyone should have a ‘look’ that they adhere to and stick to throughout their home. In our opinion, mixing it up from different styles and different eras is what it’s all about; that’s what really creates visual interest in a room.

    What would your dream home be like?

    That changes on an almost weekly basis actually. When it comes to décor, my tastes are somewhat fickle, but in terms of country retreat versus city luxe, well that changes too actually! But in the sunshine. Always, always in the sunshine.

    What are your favourite blogs right now and why?

    I love Swoon Worthy, written by Kimberley Duran – we always link to her posts on our social media and we’re all regular readers. Not only is her quirky taste really similar to ours, but I love her writing style too.

    I also really like Mad About the House, written by Kate Watson-Smyth. She has a seriously in-depth knowledge of interiors and offers plenty of advice, as well as just an opportunity to drool over gorgeous houses.

    MiaFleur Copper Styling Guide

    What’s your favourite blog post you’ve written to date, which you would recommend for any readers new to your blog?

    Our ‘Ultimate Copper Styling Guide has proven to be really popular. We had so many requests from customers asking how to style copper and what colours to put it with, that we decided not only to write a blog about it, but to make a downloadable ‘guide’ which covers everything you need to know to make copper work for you.

    This post ‘Interior Styling Your Own Way’ (actually written by my mum, Jacqui) is a great post for hopefully giving you a bit of confidence to branch out and be brave with your décor.

    If you’re looking for some quick and easy tips to implement, then ‘3 Tips for Eclectic Home Styling’ is a great one to get you started.

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