Cherry Wood Laminate

Give your home a makeover with our range of high-quality cherry laminate flooring. A fantastic and effective alternative to solid wood, our cherry laminate range will instantly add warmth into your home.

Timeless and effortlessly luxurious, cherry laminate is perfect for traditional homes or modern spaces. Like the natural wood, our selection of cherry laminate is available in a range of shades. Starting with the deepest, rich red tones are perfect for adding a hint of opulence to a room - we find it works particularly well in bedrooms and living rooms – while auburn hues create a softer contrast, but the fine grain and glossy finish ensure it remains both timeless and elegant.

Whatever shade you choose, you can rely on the durability of cherry laminate flooring. Scratch-resistant and designed for heavy footfall, laminate is notably hard-wearing. Installation isn't difficult either, if you fancy doing a bit of DIY then it's easy to fit laminate flooring yourself thanks to the click-loc system.

5 Item(s)

5 Item(s)