6mm Laminate Flooring

The thinnest laminate we offer at Posh Flooring is our 6mm range. The same high-quality materials are used to make all of our laminate products, regardless of the thickness, but our 6mm tends to be the cheapest and most flexible.

6mm laminate is suited to areas of light footfall. To ensure it withstands the test of time, we recommend using the range in bedrooms and offices. Hallways, kitchens and spaces used to entertain guests are better suited to thicker laminate to resist any unexpected dents. If you require a sturdier option, explore the rest of our range. We offer laminate from 7 to 12mm in thickness.

A thinner laminate doesn't mean you have to sacrifice style. Choose from an entire selection of effects, including realistic stone and wood-effect laminate. Our 6mm laminate is a fuss-free, cheaper alternative to the real thing and it's also very simple to install.

5 Item(s)

5 Item(s)