Engineered Walnut Flooring

An engineered walnut floor gives the same distinctive style to a room as a solid walnut floor would, except the engineered board is a more hardwearing product because of how it is manufactured. If you’re set on those warm coffee tones but want modern practicality, engineered walnut flooring is the perfect choice!

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Buying for the trade? View our ex VAT price here

3 Item(s)

Buying for the trade? View our ex VAT price here

3 Item(s)

Why choose engineered walnut flooring?

Engineered walnut flooring is as versatile as it is attractive, with it available in a multitude of shades, and suitable for a number of different rooms.

The makeup of the engineered board makes it suitable for use with underfloor heating, meaning your walnut floor can go in areas such as hallways and living rooms where it’s common to find such systems.


What are the alternatives?

If you’re in love with the colour, warmth and feel a walnut product gives, but the area it’s going to be laid is in a lower traffic area, the a solid walnut product may also be an option.

If you’re looking for a slightly more durable and ‘all-round’ product then your best bet may be to investigate the laminate options available to you.  Laminate is now a lot better quality than it was twenty or thirty years ago, and is available in a range of colours, shades and finishes.

Perhaps engineered wood is your preferred choice, but maybe walnut is slightly too dark for you? In this case, we’d recommend looking at an engineered oak product.