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If you're looking to put your own creative stamp on your flooring, then unfinished engineered wood flooring might be for you. Embrace the distinctive minimalist charm that the material's natural characteristics offer, and bring a good dose of individuality to your décor! 

Whether you own a rustic cottage or a modern new-build, unfinished wooden flooring can look at home and extremely stylish in design-conscious rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens. Take a look at our range below, or read on for more information on unfinished engineered flooring. 

What is unfinished engineered wood flooring?

If you're on the lookout for wooden flooring, engineered wood will give you more versatility when compared with real wood flooring. This is because of how the engineered wood floorboards are made. 

Instead of being cut from solid timber, engineered wood flooring is made from crisscrossing layers of plywood or similar fibres, which are glued together under intense pressure. This provides the timber with added stability and durability which solid wood sometimes struggles to offer. 

The top surface of the timber consists of a thin layer of real wood, known as a veneer, which gives the impression that the entire board is solid. Oak is one of the most popular species used in veneers due to its strength and distinctive grain. When it comes to unfinished engineered wood flooring, you're left with the bare wood surface to work with as you please. 

Why would I choose unfinished engineered wood flooring, and which rooms would it work best in?

Thanks to its engineered nature, this type of flooring makes for a great insulator - unlike real wood, it's able to expand and contract depending on the environment it sits in. 

This makes unfinished engineered wood flooring a great choice for design-conscious rooms that are looking to make use of under floor heating, such as bathrooms and kitchens.

What advantages are there to choosing unfinished engineered wood flooring? 

Along with adding a distinctive look to your property, one of the biggest benefits of engineered wood flooring is that it is incredibly easy for you to install yourself. You can join the planks together using the standard tongue and groove, or the newer click loc system, which ensures full stability. 

The planks can be permanently nailed or glued to the subfloor or, alternatively, you can simply “float” the boards on the subfloor – allowing the wood to swell and shrink during seasonal temperature changes.

As wood expands and contracts it can often buckle and warp. However, engineered wood can cope with these pressures, especially when it isn’t permanently fixed to the subfloor.

Let us help

Our unfinished engineered flooring is sold with a lengthy manufacturer warranty, which means that you can install it with confidence. We have a solution for all budgets, so have a browse through our selection of flooring - and be sure to get in touch with any questions!