Hand Scraped Engineered Wood Flooring

Similar to distressed flooring, hand scraped engineered wood offers a luxurious finish and helps to create a rustic, warm atmosphere in your home. There is a significant difference between wood that is hand scraped and wood that is distressed. The former has greater variation in each plank and has more character markings and texture, whilst the latter varies in colour and has a flatter finish.

Hand scraped flooring compliments older style properties best, but can also look fantastic in contemporary homes too. It can even add value to your property – making it a worthy investment.

Our range of high-quality hand scraped wood flooring is accessible to all budgets, so you don't have to compromise! What's more, this flooring is available with a manufacturer guarantee, giving you the confidence that our products boast the quality and longevity you need. Take a look at our extensive collection below.

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10 Item(s)

What is hand scraped flooring, and why would I choose it?

Hand scraped wood is primarily an engineered wood, where each plank is individually scraped to give the unique markings and texture of the product type. Where distressed wood offers a similar look, the end product varies more in colour and has a flatter finish. 

Hand scraped flooring compliments older style properties best, but can also look fantastic in contemporary homes. It can even add value to your property – making it a savvy investment! 

What is hand scraped flooring made from?

Engineered wood is made up of a base of layered plywood or similar fibres, which helps to create a non-uniform structure that generates durability and stability. This is particularly important for flooring that comes under constant footfall - making it great for busy homes. 

The veneered top, or the lamella as it is sometimes known, can be made up of any type of wood, but we tend to find that oak is the most popular option for hand scraped floors. As well as its sophisticated look, oak benefits from the fact that it reacts well to staining, and is available in a variety of styles and colours.

The pronounced nature of the timber with hand scraped wood flooring means that it requires regular cleaning and maintenance - essential to note if you're looking to opt for the flooring as a long-term investment in your home. Ensure that any spills are immediately cleaned up using a damp mop, and avoid walking across it in high heels. 

What are the advantages of hand scraped flooring?

There are several advantages to hand scraped flooring - and that's in addition to the amazing, unique look that it can bring to a space!

Primarily, engineered flooring is really easy to install yourself - ideal if you're looking to save on labour costs. You can permanently fix the planks to the subfloor by either using nails or glue, or you can also use the 'floating' method, in which the planks are laid on top of the subfloor but are not permanently fixed. The added bonus of the 'floating method' is that you can easily replace the unfixed planks in the future without any hassle. 

Take a look at the full range of Posh Flooring hand scraped wooden boards below, and bring some high-quality distressed chic to your home.