Grey Engineered Wood Flooring

A lasting solution for any part of the home, our excellent range of grey engineered wood floors combine the durability of engineered woods with the classic style of the colour grey. They're a prime choice, whatever home improvements you also have in mind – when well-installed, they'll easily last over a decade.

With a darker shade of flooring, you can rest assured that you won't have to worry about the surface being damaged by foot traffic, and thanks to the construction of engineered woods, you can easily re-sand the surface if any accidents happen. What's more, you can install this particular type of flooring in bathrooms, finished basements and rooms with underfloor heating.

Grey is a top colour for people with an eye for aesthetics. It compliments all tastes, and is perfect if you have honey or brown-coloured furniture – unlike normal wood it won't make them look dull!

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8 Item(s)

8 Item(s)

Why Choose Grey Engineered Wood Flooring?

Grey engineered wood flooring transforms your house by adding a touch of contemporary versatility and sophistication. Once installed, they can add character, value, and warmth to the interior of your home. Additionally, its remarkable resilience to endure foot traffic, children and pets also makes it a reliable option.

The soothing effect of the colour grey makes it perfect for your bedroom or washroom. Significantly, unlike standard wood colours, grey will not make your honey or brown coloured furniture look dull.

After it becomes the focal point of your home, the appeal of grey engineered wood flooring is timeless.

How Long Does Grey Engineered Wood Flooring Last?

The production process creates a structure that is durable and effective against environmental wear and tear. Therefore, the final product is unlikely to rot in a short span of time. A well-constructed engineered wood can last for a decade.

Pros of Grey Engineered Wood Flooring

  • It offers more resistance against heat and moisture than solid hardwood.
  • Extends you the luxury of having underfloor heating.
  • Suitable fit for bathrooms and finished basements.
  • It can be re-sanded.
  • Convenient installation.

Cons of Grey Engineered Wood Flooring

  • It can only be re-sanded a limited number of times.
  • Often more costly than tiles, laminate or carpeting.