Black Engineered Wood Flooring

Combining a number of wooden layers subjected to intense heat and pressure, engineered wood flooring is a wonderfully durable choice that nevertheless injects character thanks to its thick, natural top veneer. Our range of black engineered wood flooring types are therefore a brilliant choice for any home.

Offering a contemporary yet warm aesthetic, darker shades of wood flooring complement a very wide range of interior styles. As long as the walls, ceiling and furnishings are a lighter shade, it's likely the overall design will look fabulous. Bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, hallways – wherever you choose to get the flooring installed, it's sure to turn heads.

Black engineered flooring has excellent benefits when it comes to longevity too. Darker hues don't show every-day wear and tear as much as lighter ones, giving a lifespan that can be measured in decades. If you're looking for a lasting solution, black engineered wood flooring is a great choice.

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  •   Kingsford Engineered Black Antique Oak 190mm x 20/6mm Handscraped Wood Flooring

    £31.67 m² ex vat From £38.00 m² inc vat
    Hand scraped
    190mm x20/6mm
    Fixed 1900mm
  •   Kingsford Engineered Distressed Antique Reclaimed Oak 190mm x 15/4mm Handscraped Wood Flooring Type

    £42.92 m² ex vat From £51.50 m² inc vat
    190mm x 15/4mm
    Fixed 1900mm

2 Item(s)

Why choose Dark Solid wood flooring?

Dark Solid wood flooring is on-trend, yet elegant because it works great with a broad range of fabrics, and colours. Dark Solid Wood Flooring allows you to add warmth and character to your home.  It represents a traditional look which, as of now, is considered as the lowest maintenance due to its shade. As the tone of the floor is dark, it will look best with furnishing and home décor of lighter shade as both will complement each other.

Dark Solid Wood Flooring is suitable for both residential and commercial properties.


How long does Dark Solid wood flooring last?

Dark Solid wood flooring has a longer life expectancy, compared to white wood flooring. They can last to somewhere around 15 to 30 years, depending on the movement in the area, and the maintenance of the flooring.


Dark Solid Wood flooring for bedrooms

The Dark Solid flooring used in combination with the light colour tone of the walls in the master bedroom will give it a great look. It is important to note that if your home décor and furnishing should be of lighter shade so that it goes well with the dark solid wood flooring. In case you are not sure of the shade or colour, you should go for, try ordering a free sample to get an idea.

Dark Solid Wood flooring for bathrooms

Dark Solid wood flooring can give your kitchen a chic, yet elegant look. However, to enhance the overall elegance of the room, a light white tone cabinet and wall cause a contrast that can add to the overall look of your kitchen.  


Steps Involved in Cleaning the Dark Solid wood flooring

  • Starting by prepping your floor by dust mopping, and remove all the debris and other dust particles
  • It is preferred to use a pH cleaner for cleaning the floor
  • Next, a fine spray mist must be utilized for cleaning the floor in sections
  • Finally, use a microfiber mop to clean the floor


Pros of Dark Solid wood flooring

  • Dark Solid wood flooring allows you to establish an adamant and powerful contrast with some of the vertical surfaces inside your home which includes the stair risers, as well as the kitchen cabinets
  • Dark Solid wood flooring provides you with the ability of sanding and refinishing your floor time and again


Cons of Dark Solid wood flooring

  • It  is hard to clean and maintain Dark Solid wood flooring
  • In houses with young children and pets, Dark Solid wood floors are more prone to scratches and nicks. With the passage of time, these scratches become more prominent and hard to hide due to the dark colour.
  • Dark Solid wood flooring demands more detailed sanding, which in turn leads towards increasing the overall installation cost