Engineered Acacia Flooring

Engineered acacia flooring is a popular choice for homes where style and functionality is key.  As one of the most exotic hardwood floors, it has a distinctive style and is used in both flooring and high quality furniture such as cabinets and tables.

As with all engineered flooring, acacia offers a stability and versatility not offered by its solid wood counterpart.

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Buying for the trade? View our ex VAT price here

3 Item(s)

Buying for the trade? View our ex VAT price here

3 Item(s)

Why choose engineered acacia flooring?

Engineered acacia flooring is a great choice for areas which see heavy footfall, as acacia is a naturally hardwearing wood, and when combined with the ‘engineered’ board, this reinforces it further.

Acacia flooring is a popular alternative to walnut, as it provides a similar look, yet generally comes at a lower cost, and is more durable.

What are the alternatives?

The primary alternative to engineered acacia flooring is the solid wood variant, which has all the natural charm of acacia flooring, but is a little more expensive and not as enduring as engineered. If you’re looking for a similar colour, then you may want to consider a dark oak or a walnut product.