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  • Engineered Acacia Flooring

    Acacia wood flooring is the perfect surface for any home where style and functionality is key. Considered to be one of the most exotic hardwood trees, its distinctive style is not just used in flooring, but also for constructing high-quality furniture such as cabinets and tables. Acacia’s main benefit is that it is thought to be one of the sturdiest trees in the world – perfect for coping with heavy footfall.

    Engineered flooring is the perfect format for acacia as its composition helps to boost the existing strength of the species. Plywood and high-density fibreboard (HDF) fibres are compressed together under intense heat and pressure to form a layered core. This criss-cross structure allows the wood to remain stable and resistant to moisture and heat.

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    This multi-layer base also helps to stop any buckling, particularly when significant temperature fluctuations occur around the home. Temperature can cause other types of flooring to swell and contract, which can often mean the material becomes less stable and more susceptible to breaking in the future. However, engineered flooring can adapt to these temperature changes due to its non-uniform structure.

    A hardwood top, or lamella as it is commonly known, is then glued on to the core board, and can be made up of a huge range of hardwood species. Rather being a photo-reproduction of a wooden surface, the veneer is made of a layer of real wood and, as such, has all the visual and textural qualities of a solid wood floor.

    You can easily install engineered wood flooring yourself, which can significantly help to reduce unnecessary labour costs. Your flooring can be attached directly to the subfloor using nails or glue. However, you may want to consider the “floating” method, in which you attach the planks using the click loc system, and you place them onto the subfloor without anchoring it permanently. This allows the wood to expand and grow as the flooring reacts to seasonal temperature change.

    Maintaining your acacia flooring is also really straightforward. Use a damp cloth or mop to wipe away any visible dust or dirt. This can help to ensure the lasting quality of the wood and help prevent the build-up of grime.

    We have a wide selection of wooden flooring here at We cater for any budget and are always happy to help recommend you the perfect surface for your home. Take a look around our online shop to take advantage of our great deals on high-quality materials.

  • Easy Click Loc system

      Victoria Engineered Acacia 120mm x 10/2.5mm Lacquered Wood Flooring

    120mm x 10/2.5mm
    Click Loc System
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1 Item(s)