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Wooden Flooring: The Stylish Way to a Long Lasting Summer

Summer is a fantastic time for doing renovations around the house. Lovely weather, time off work and, most likely, plenty of Pimms! More importantly, however, summer presents an opportunity to transform your house from a dull, dark and claustrophobic interior into a bright and spacious expanse. Wooden flooring is a great way of keeping your house feeling bright and summery even in the depths of winter, giving your rooms that beach hut feel while also being practical, durable and low maintenance.


Why wood?

While carpets are still in demand and fashionable, compared to flooring and the need behind the change, they can be limiting: If you have children or you have friends over for a barbeque, you don’t want to be on standby with a bottle of cleaning spray and a cloth for when someone spills their drink on your lovely cream carpet. Cats or dogs around the house can easily pluck your nicely weaved carpet – they can’t your flooring! Weekly vacuum cleaning and annual steam cleaning can be expensive and also time consuming, and that is before you even consider that your carpet will probably go out of fashion within a few years.

Sales of wooden flooring have grown tremendously over the last decade or so. There are three main types of wooden flooring; solid hardwood, engineered wood and laminate. Solid hardwood flooring has been around for centuries, with some houses still having the same original wooden floor laid hundreds of years ago. Although to have a chance at this you will need to sand down the wood and resurface it every five to seven years, but this will ensure that your floor will look fantastic. Have a look through our ranges of real wood flooring to get a feel for the fantastic options available.

A practical alternative is engineered wood. The panel/plank is made of several layers of wood pressed and then glued together to the desired thickness, with a top layer of real wood. Engineered panels tend to be longer and wider than solid wood ones, pre-finished with special treatments to provide protection, and bevelled for an attractive appearance. It doesn’t however have the same flexibility with resurfacing as real wood does, and, although you will be able to sand it a few times, it does not offer quite the same longevity and durability of real wood. That being said, engineered wood remains a popular choice for UK homeowners and with a lifespan of around 25 years, it is certainly still very durable! Check out our ranges of engineered wood flooring.

Laminate flooring is a fantastic cheaper alternative to real and engineered wood. The base is made from a wooden composite, whilst the surface is simply a photographic image of wood grain. This is very easy to install yourself, durable, and good in high traffic areas of the house. View our ranges of laminate flooring.


Summer Flooring

Wooden floors are a fantastic way of breathing some summer energy into your room all year round. They can immediately brighten up your room by reflecting the sunlight, as long as you take care about the condition of your floor. Brighter rooms can appear bigger, with one of carpet’s main problems being that it makes your room seem small, dull and busy.  You can avoid worrying about hayfever indoors with wooden flooring, as, unlike carpet, it does not have fibers which pollen can become attached to. And finally, wooden flooring is much more colour compatible than carpet. Chances are you will have thought about repainting one or more of your rooms in the last year or so. However, carpet can seriously limit the range of colour schemes at your disposal. Wooden flooring goes with pretty much any colour, so why not give your room a further summer twist and give the walls a splash of paint whilst you are decorating, and create a room with an upbeat feeling that makes it the perfect place to sit back and relax.

Although wooden flooring may not always appear to be a cheap purchase, it will increase the value of your home. Property investors cannot agree about the precise amount, but you can expect to at least recoup the amount you spent on installing it. So why not take a few days off work, find some flooring that you look, and give your house a refreshing summer look which will last for around 25 years at least, and can raise the value of your property.