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Childs Bedroom Flooring


What Type of Flooring For Each Room in the House?

It does not matter if you have the best quality furniture and soft furnishings, if the floor is not quite right, the entire room may not look well-put-together. However there is a wide range of flooring options available for every room in the house and you will be more than likely spoiled for choice!



Adult's bedrooms can be a real haven of luxury and this is the space to splurge on that gorgeous thick, deep-pile carpet. Adult bedrooms are not usually high-traffic areas and you can afford to buy a more expensive carpet knowing that it will last for many years. You may decide however that you want some real or engineered wood flooring, to add that extra level of styleand quality.

Conversely, children's bedrooms are very high traffic areas and are used daily for hours of play. Smooth wood laminate topped with a cheerful and colourful rug is an excellent idea. The rug provides warmth on cooler days and comfort for the children, but is easy to take outside for a good shake. Some rugs are even machine washable and will fit into a domestic washing machine. The laminate is easy to clean, only needing to be swept every day, with just the occasional mop when necessary. Otherwise it is possible to find very durable hardwearing carpeting, such as that found in schools, and that can be used throughout a child's room with a good expectation of the carpet lasting well.

Bathroom, toilet, en suite.

These rooms need a floor that is both waterproof and easy to clean, so any kind of carpeting is out. Wooden floors do not take well to excessive moisture and the steam that builds up when someone is bathing or showering, so that too, should be avoided. Your best options in the bathroom are stone, whether a solid slab or tiles, or vinyl linoleum, which can also come in one unbroken sheet from a roll or in tiles. If you opt for tiles make sure that you hire a professional to lay them for you; or pay close attention to thoroughly sealing the cracks between the tiles. Thanks to modern manufacturing methods it is possible to find both vinyl and stone tiles in almost any size, colour and shape, giving you great freedom in your bathroom!

Basement/ Attic room (if applicable)

These areas are spaces, rather than rooms, but sometimes people like to remodel them into a usable area, like a games room for teens or a 'man-cave.' Flooring should be durable and easy to remove for building maintenance, while bringing a degree of comfort to these usually somewhat rough and ready areas. Concrete floored basements tend to be chilly, while attics usually have draughts seeping in, so a sturdy carpet can greatly add to the comfort, and is easy enough to roll up when necessary. Loose boards can also be used, and in attics add a degree of reassurance that no-one will step wrong and plunge through the ceiling of the room below.

Living Rooms

Living rooms provide the most options and you can follow your own choices here: carpet, hardwood flooring, laminate, or even vinyl if you like! Carpets should be chosen according to your family: only you know if off-white shag-pile is a good idea with your three, football-playing sons! Hardwood is generally a good overall robust choice, but it does need a certain amount of care and maintenance to be lavished on it to keep it in good condition. Regular sweeping, no pointy high-heels and, if possible, no liquid spills are all requirements for a hardwood floor. Laminate flooring is usually a more economical option, it is sturdy and can take a fair amount of food and drink spillage without ill effect.


These are perhaps the most high-traffic area of all, with pets often being fed in the kitchen, children trailing through in constant search for sustenance, meals being prepared and a multitude of chores being based in the kitchen. Hardwearing stone tiles or linoleum are the best options for a kitchen as they wipe clean readily and are strong and durable. Check the stone, if you opt for tiles as occasionally some of them can be brittle and will crack if something is dropped on them. You can also use laminate flooring in the kitchen as it is easy to clean and maintain - just be careful around the sink and mop up any spillages quickly!

There is a wide range of flooring available today and at Floors-2-Go we like to think we have some of the best ranges available. Take a look around our site, and if you need to, get in touch and we'll be happy to help.