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wood flooring

What is real wood flooring?

Nothing will give your home that timeless traditional touch of beauty, elegance and quality like solid wood flooring. Available in a variety of colours, a solid hardwood floor can complement any style of home or decor and will prove to be an investment of lasting value.

Hardwood flooring is made from a single piece of air-dried or kiln-dried timber, sawn into 18mm to 20mm thick planks. The solid tongue and groovesolid wood flooring plank planks come in a variety of widths and lengths with absorption strips, cut lengthwise into the back of each plank to minimize the possibility of the wood warping or splitting through excessive humidity or heat, before it’s installed in your home. Stained and available in a range of colour choices, the top surface of the planks, is finished with a polyurethane coating or an oil-based finish, which eliminates the need for waxing. We offer a range of solid wood flooring products in oak, walnut, beech, bamboo and mahogany.

How does solid wood flooring differ from engineered wood flooring or laminate flooring?

Engineered wood flooring, which looks like solid wood, is composed of thin layers of wood of different thicknesses glued together. The top layer is a veneer, which gives the flooring its colour and pleasing appearance. Engineered flooring is the best product for use over concrete, because it resists moisture better than a solid floor. Laminated flooring is generally less costly than a solid wood floor. Composed of a bottom layer, a fibreboard core, a decorative layer and a tough melamine top layer, laminate is a good choice for a home with children or pets, because it resists scratches, stains and dents better than a solid floor. Some engineered flooring and all laminates are suitable for use over under-floor heating systems.

Advantages of real wood flooring

A real wood floor that is produced, finished and installed properly will last for many years. Solid flooring can be re-stained and re-sanded severalsanding wooden floor times. Badly damaged planks are replaceable. Top quality engineered flooring can sometimes be refinished, if the veneer is thick enough. Refinishing is never possible for laminate flooring, however.

Solid wood flooring is a completely natural sustainable product. Bamboo, which is actually a type of grass, grows extremely quickly and is ready to become a solid wood floor in just a few years.

Hardwood flooring is preferable to carpet in homes in which people with allergies live, because it's much easier and quicker to clean thoroughly than any type of carpeting.


Special cleaners for hardwood are available. To avoid dents and scratches, apply felt pads to the legs of chairs and tables and the corners of heavy pieces of furniture. When moving furniture, lifting it is preferable to pushing it across the floor. Stiletto heels are an enemy of hardwood floors, because they leave dents in the flooring. Avoid wearing them indoors to preserve the beauty of your floors.


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