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What is laminate flooring?

A sought after amenity in any home is an aesthetically pleasing floor: laminate flooring has a natural appeal and, of course, is generally cheaper than real hardwood flooring.

Laminate wood flooring is comprised of composite wood pressed together at high temperature: the photograph, or image, of hardwood then covers this composite wood, producing laminate flooring. A clear, hard layer is then placed on the top, giving it its sheen and durability. Because it is not manufactured from real wood or wood veneers, this makes it a far more cost effective option, especially for new homeowners with a limited budget.

Laminate Floor Installation


On average, the installation of laminate flooring is 50% less expensive than the installation of hardwood flooring. Also, as hardwood flooring is made from harvested trees: the price of this will vary with regard to which type of tree came from, with more exotic trees being a lot more expensive than ash or oak.


Laminate flooring can be placed on top of almost any existing type of flooring, with the exclusion of carpet. Newer types of laminate tend to have a "click-lock" design: the interlocking planks make it easy for DIY'ers to install themselves in a single weekend without the need of hiring in a professional to install it for them. Also, the laminate can be uninstalled without committing damage to existing flooring already beneath it or damaging the laminate itself. For more information, read our How to Install Your New Laminate Flooring guide.

Differing styles?

Okay, so now you know how laminate is manufactured and that it is easily installed with the addition of being able to do it yourself, but what about the different styles of laminate wood? Floors-2-Go is the UK's leading supplier in laminate flooring, and we offer a comprehensive range to suit any customer's needs.

Basically, if you can imagine a type of wood or a certain finish, it's likely it can be made into a laminate design. Sounds great, right? So you can complete that living room or that bedroom with the perfect flooring, best suited to you. But where to start? Here at Floors-2-Go, with have many different designs with beautiful finishes available to you with prices starting at only £2.98 per square metre.


Oak laminate flooring is one of the most popular types of laminate as its appearance is similar to that of a real hardwood floor: it has a timeless aesthetic quality with the ability to suit almost any room. We can provide oak laminate from as little as £3.74 per square meter; we also offer an extensive range of oak finishes, including Rustic Middle Oak, Soft Cinnamon Oak and the beautiful Stanford Oak.


Walnut laminate flooring is another popular type of laminate: it generally has a deep colour and beautiful shine, making it a welcome addition to any home. Many homeowners have placed it in living rooms or kitchens as it is a delightful feature to rooms where there is a lot of traffic and it can be best appreciated. We can California Walnut from only £7.82 per square meter.


We are pleased to say that we can offer stone style laminate, an increasingly popular type of laminate flooring due to its similar likeness to tile flooring. In many ways it can be better than tile flooring as it is warmer and far easier to clean, making it ideal for kitchens or bathrooms. Again, we offer different stonelines such as a black tile or cream tile. These are priced at £11.98 per square meter.

Laminate flooring benefits

So... What are the benefits of laminate flooring you ask. Well, there are an abundance of benefits, as well as reasons why it can be much more suitable than other kind of flooring.


Laminate flooring is perfect in high-traffic rooms in your home, and especially if you own pets as it is scratch-resistant, easily cleaned and very durable. A mop dampened with water or a simple a damp cloth can easily clean any stains. Our laminate floors also come with a guarantee for your ease of mind.

No "dud" pieces

Real hardwood flooring can contain many imperfect pieces which cannot be used to lay flooring, or need to be re-engineered before they can be used. It can also be damaged on delivery or whilst being laid: not exactly what a homeowner wants or needs. Laminate, however, will not have any defects.

Good for moist places

Sorry Mum, no more excuses for not wanting to go into the basement or the utility room. Laminate flooring can be installed in kitchens, basements, bathrooms and any other room prone to "topical moisture". However, neither laminate nor real hardwood can tolerate standing pools of water.

Well, there you go. You now understand the ins and outs of laminate flooring, its benefits, and how easily cleaned it is: good news for mucky pups!



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