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Things to consider when buying a wooden floor...

Wooden flooring is an excellent choice for any home. Wood is a natural material with a very long life span, looks fantastic and adds value to your property. The cost is also comparable to other options, such as tile.

Solid wood floors offer many advantages. But you’ll need to bear the following things in mind when weighing up whether wooden flooring is right for you.

What is the budget for your floor?

Wooden flooring varies tremendously in price. The finish and quality of the wood, among other things, affect the final cost. Rustic, country-style flooring, for instance, will be much cheaper than high-quality offerings. The difficulty of the installation will also affect the price.

What kind of subfloor do you have?

The sub-flooring that already exists in your house will determine what type of wooden floor/s you can fit. Your subflooring may be concrete or wood, depending on the style of your home and when it was built.

Where are you going to put the flooring?

Is the flooring going in the living room or in the kitchen? The bathroom or the dining room? Each room will require a flooring type with suitable, and often very different, properties. Bathroom flooring, for example, should be able to tolerate high humidity levels. If you are laying flooring in several different rooms or doing the entire house, you will need to choose a type of wood that will work in all the rooms.

What is your expected traffic level?

A busy room requires a much harder flooring surface than a room that only gets occasional traffic. The traffic level will also determine the kind of finish the wood must have.

What colour, grain and pattern do you want?

There is a wealth of diversity in the kinds of wooden flooring available. There are literally thousands of colour variations. Colour depends on species, age of the tree, where it was grown and how it was handled after harvest. Some species tend to be lighter in colour, while others are dark. So much choice can be overwhelming! We suggest you decide on the colour you want before delving into the grain and pattern variations.

What kind of finish do you want?

The four primary finishes available for wood flooring are wax, lacquer, acrylic and varnish. The type of finish will determine the final look of the floor. It will also affect the longevity of the floor and how often it needs maintenance.

What grade and quality of wood should you choose?

Grading is determined by knots and other defects. There are many different grades of wood. And, as you’d expect, better grades of wood cost more. Quality varies from manufacturer to manufacturer and is also affected by factors such as where the wood is grown and how it is dried. The grade and quality of the wood you choose depends on your budget and personal tastes, but remember – cheap wood may not always be the best deal.

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