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Looking After Your Real Wood Floors

Proper cleaning and maintenance of your wooden flooring will ensure its beautiful appearance and longevity. Learning what to do and which practices to avoid will give you a chance to enjoy the shine and warmth of real wood for a long period of time.

Proper Cleaning Procedures

Wax, water or soap? Which cleaning options is best for your hardwood floors?

The sealing and the finish of the wood floor will determine the best ways to do cleaning. Floors that are sealed can easily be washed with water and a detergent without experiencing any damage. Urethane or polyurethane will ensure the surface-sealing of the wood. Lacquered and varnished floors are not resistant to moisture.

Oils and furniture sprays are unsuitable for the cleaning of wooden floors because of the residue that will remain on the surface. There are special products on the market that are designed for the cleaning of different kinds of floors and different finishes.

Mopping should happen no more than once a week. The mop should be moist rather than damp. Wiping the floor clean with a dry cloth, once you are done with the cleaning, is a good idea. You should do the same whenever the floor gets wet accidentally. Very limited use of water will not cause damage.

Everyday Care Dos and Don’ts

Certain everyday practices have the power to completely ruin the appearance of the real wood floors and their glossy finish.

Avoid dragging furniture across the floor, even if the piece is too heavy to lift. Chairs and sofas can also cause scratching. To prevent such problems from occurring, place felt contact pieces underneath the legs of the furniture.

It may be difficult to believe but high heels can damage your beautiful floors, as well. Get in the habit of removing your shoes at the front door. Slippers are comfortable and they will benefit your wood floors, as well.

Cotton mats or rugs placed strategically in high traffic areas will protect the floors for damage. Use those if you have to host a party or another occasion during which many people will be walking around the house.

Do Your Best to Get Rid of Abrasives

Abrasive substances like sand, dust and gravel will quickly ruin the wooden floor finish. These are the pollutants that you will have to be extra-careful about. Get rid of them every day.

A soft broom will be perfect for the removal of these abrasive pieces. This type of cleaning will often be sufficient to maintain the beautiful appearance of the floor without mopping. A vacuum cleaner will deliver excellent results, as well. The vacuum cleaner should have an attachment for the cleaning of solid floors rather than carpets.

Choosing the right products and the right cleaning procedures for your real wood floors will be essential. Never rely on items or products designed for other kinds of flooring. Make sure that you understand the specifics of the floor and its finish before buying anything.