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laying laminate in awkward places


Laying laminate flooring in awkward places

here are a few easy steps to follow when laying laminate in awkward hard to get places:

Laying laminate flooring around a radiator

1. Drill a hole in laminate with 22 mm spade bit or larger, to correspond with the position of the pipe with reference to the wall.
pipe roses2. Draw 2 parallel lines from closest edge of laminate board to the circle, with the distance between them being slightly larger than the pipe’s diameter.
3. Saw through the lines with a hacksaw and remove the resulting piece of laminate board.
4. After sliding the radiator pipe through the laminate hole, pour adhesive on the lower side of the piece of board that was cut out and glue the piece to the under layer, fitting it nicely back into its initial position.
5. Wait for the glue to set and then insert matching wood-coloured flexible sealant around the pipe, and spatula out the excess sealant.
6. A Pipe Rose can be added round the pipe for a more ornate look.

Laying laminate under doors and frames

In order for the laminate flooring to fit nicely around the doorframes, you need to cut narrow compartments in the casing at the base of the doorframes to allow the laminate edges to slip through freely, for a seamless, enduring effect.

You will need an oscillating saw, preferably suitable for use with both metal and wood, or a similar tool, to saw through the doorstopper and doorframe casing, while holding a moulding or a piece of laminate underneath as guide.

1. Saw through and then remove the bits of casing with a chisel. The moulding should now be able to fit nicely in the compartments created.
2. After having fitted the laminate in the surrounding area, take the piece of laminate that is intended for use in the doorframe and place it adjacent to its neighbouring laminate board.
3. As it touches the doorframe, mark down the points corresponding to the width and length of the doorframe where the casing was removed and draw a rectangle on your laminate board using those measurements.
4. Cut through the lines of the rectangle and slide the laminate board smoothly through the doorframe.

Toilets, sinks and other bathroom fixtures

For the best fit, the bathroom fixtures should be removed beforehand - following the advice of a plumber.

Prepare replacement bolts and wax seal to reattach the fixtures, prior to handling the laminate.

1. Remove the baseboards in the room and the fixtures. Cover the exposed drains with cloth to prevent gas rising up or things falling down them.
laminate flooring underlay 2. Change flooring underlay, where necessary, with holes that are slightly bigger than the flange’s diameter, so as to allow sealant to be placed around it, to prevent water damage.
3. After laying laminate throughout the bathroom, take the piece of laminate that will go around the toilet. Measure the flange and the appropriate expansion around its perimeter.
4. Mark a circle with a diameter that matches the total diameter of the flange and expansion, by holding your laminate board adjacent to its neighbouring piece of laminate, partially covering the flange. Trace a circle around the exposed flange and expansion and continue its outline on the board.
5. Cut through the circle with a jigsaw.
6. Lock the laminate into place and line it up with a lateral scrap piece that connects it with the next board. Use a last board puller on your laminate board to engage the piece with its neighbour.
7. Repeat with the laminate board piece that will surround the rest of the flange.
8. Seal the flange around the toilet with silicone sealant.
9. Place the bathroom fixture back in its initial place.