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Flooring Trim & Beading


Accessories and Trim for Your Flooring Explained

Investing in new flooring can totally transform your living area as well as providing a safe and durable surface that will last for years to come. Whilst the choice of floor covering (laminate, real wood, species of wood etc.) and the selection of appropriate underlay, adhesive and fixings are important, it’s crucial to also consider the borders and edging of your floor. Whether you’re finishing the area around a radiator pipe, finding the ideal choice to cover a threshold or need edging which blends flawlessly with the rest of your décor, consideration of the various borders on offer is critical in order to get the very best final flooring effect.

Flooring Beading flooring scotia

Beading is a key requirement, as it bridges the gap between the flooring and the skirting board, allowing the natural expansion and contraction of the surface to take place without unsightly gaping appearing around the edges of your room. Beading is available in both scotia and quadrant types. The former has an outwardly curved surface, whilst scotia beading has a concave surface. They can be used interchangeably, but it’s important that only one type is used for each project or the overall effect will be disjointed. 

Beading comes in a variety of different colours and finishes. Many people opt for a design which blends with their existing flooring, although coloured beading can also be a way of giving an intriguing accent in interior design schemes.


Don’t forget pipe roses. These handy tubular components fit neatly around any protruding pipes, ensuring you get a good finish and preventing unsightly gaps. It is also important to protect flooring edges from wear and tear, so pipe roses play a valuable part in prolonging the life of your new flooring. Pipe roses can be made of plastic or wood and are available in several different finishes. Generally pipes should blend in with background décor as far as possible, so using a pipe rose colour which matches your flooring is the most usual choice.

Doorbarsdoorbar threshold

Doorbars or thresholds provide an attractive border between one room and the next, as well as ensuring that the flooring is securely held down to prevent any tripping hazards. The style of your intended doorbar is largely a matter of personal preference, although it is important that their design works well with your flooring and beading so that the overall look is coordinated. 

Although skirting boards don’t always need replacing, a fresh set will show your new floor off to perfection and can give any room an instant, refreshing facelift.

Once your flooring and accessories have been installed, don’t forget about on-going maintenance to ensure the longevity of your home improvements. If you have used natural wood for any of your accessories, invest in a good quality oil to keep it in premium conditions. It is also important to only clean the floor using products specifically designed for this purpose, or its appearance will degenerate over time. View our laminate flooring cleaner.

By taking a little time to choose the right accessories carefully, it’s possible to give your floor a highly professional finish which will last for years.